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Testimonials from my Students

Below you can find few testimonials from my students who took RASA Shaktipat transmission from me.These are authentic testimonials and I kept their words exactly as they send them (No editing from me). 

With the power of Shaktipat or Spiritual transmission of RASA, I went to LOC 1000 (level of consciousness at 1000) and had my final spiritual awakening. For those who are curious what happened after I went to LOC 1000, I have written a blog post on my experience after final nondual spiritual awakening.


I had an inner transformation in 2017 September which resulted in a thoughtless state and the revelation of the inner silence. Since I had no contact with any spiritual masters I searched for a master. I wrote many mails to many masters in which only Ramaji extended his hands for guidance. According to the instructions I got from Ananda Devi I wrote to Hirok Das.


Hirok told me about the RASA spiritual transmission. According to his guidence I went through RASA for three months. Finally, Hirok evaluated my loc and informed me that my loc is 1000. Now I am settling in loc 1000.


After each rasa session different types of intuitive knowledge happened such as thoughts are phenomenal and there is no person to think and the collapse of the subject object differentiation.


The support I am getting from Hirok is heart touching. He really takes care me in all possible ways. He is very punctual. He responds to my mails without any delay. He is a gifted soul destined to help spiritual seekers. I am so happy and comfortable with Hirok and I express my infinite gratitude to him for the loving support and grace he gave me to realize my true nature. 

- Vikas Chidambaram, India. 


After second RASA

I just wanted to talk to you about yesterday's experience. Right when the transmission ended I entered an absolute silence. For the first time I really saw what was around me as an aspect of myself instead of something external, and I had a feeling that everything was over and never began in the first place, all this "life" was created by me, in that time frame I also had no thoughts at all, and I felt that what I was witnessing in that moment I always knew. I don't know what LOC i was temporary but It was way deeper than the first one and it felt very "final" only It was very slippery, in fact It lasted for like 1-2 minutes, whereas the first time it lasted like 10-20 seconds. Right now my everyday experience feels way lighter compared to what I felt until yesterday, I feel less grip on the physical body and my head feels empty and light. I'll be waiting for your LOC assessment to see where I'm at now.

After third RASA


I just want to describe you my experience after yesterday's RASA. During the RASA I started to feel a strong sense of unconditional love and I sensed a fire within my heart. After the transmission I had a sense of peace and for the first time it is lasting until now. What I am experiencing right now is exactly what Ramaji describes when he talks about going up in the 600s: I feel like my 600 realization is starting to burn away every unpleasant thought and emotion, because when they occur, they don't find an ego that supports them anymore. Another interesting thing is that when I was in the 500s and I meditated I always had a taste of what i am experiencing now in the 600s, and similiarly now when I meditate I already now that the next step will be what Ramaji describes as the 700s: I feel that I am at the center of the Universe and that I am way more stable and not bothered by agitated thoughts and emotion. Now this all starts to make sense because while I feel that now I am reaching a very high level of emotional and psychological development I just know that this is just the beginning and that the next step will be to recognise my nature as pure awareness, and I can't wait to realize that.


After fourth RASA

I wanted to tell you that after yesterday's RASA I also had really profound experiences even though you said It was subtler. So, yesterday after the RASA I listened to a guided meditation by Rupert Spira and I realized that I as awareness cannot be disturbed by anything. For the first time I am loving whatever happens to me and whoever I meet. For example, I always had problems looking at people in the eyes, but right now I do that effortlessly, even with people whom I had troubles with until now. I also feel a strong sense of love in my stomach.

Update: I wanted to tell you that I had another huge breakthrough today. Yesterday I did a guided yoga meditation by Rupert Spira that was about recognising the fact that all that exists is experience and all experience is a modulation of awareness, therefore all that exists is awareness, it wasn't a rational process, it was a very empirical investigation. After that I started contemplating that and today for the first time, I saw what lies behind appearances. I became aware of what everything happens into. I realized that even my sense of self is made is this invisible awareness, so I became that awareness. Also, I realized that this emptiness in also in everybody individual experience, regardless of its content.

After sixth RASA

I just wanted to open up once again about my current experiences and listen to your perspective about them. What has been happening since 3-4 days ago is just wonderful. Everything is losing its importance, because I realized that something is only relevant if I consider it as such. Everything that I experience comes from nothing and this nothing is the only "thing" that is always present. Now this is clear as light. This realization feels like ultimate stupidity and ultimate maturity at the same time. I allow myself to use these complex metaphors because I'm sure that you know exactly what I'm talking about. I don't my present LOC but one thing that is certain is that I'm going through a phase of total forgetting and letting go. I also realized with the help of my psychotherapist that I've always been trying to depict myself as perfect to others and to myself, to a point where I only wanted perfect girls and I couldn't even talk to my family because I was afraid of losing this "perfect guy" status. Now all of this is just crumbling away like an house of cards and the consequences are just wonderful. The ultimate paradox is that the thing that kept me "far" from happiness was the continuous seeking of it. What made me happy in the past was that I found something and for a small period I stopped seeking, and then started seeking again. Now I realized that I might as well stop the seeking totally and be always happy. 

Manuele, Italy

Jai Narayan.jpg

I really love working with Hirok, he is an amazing spiritual mentor. 


He meets you where you are on the path and guides you with conviction towards enlightenment.


During a Rasa session, the energy will come down into the crown chakra and it feels awesome, a great peace and relief is felt as the mind is muted. 


After a session I always feel a profound shift which is beautiful as the presence, silence, self comes more and more forwards whilst the mind falls away into the background. 


This is extremely encouraging as the shifts are self-evident and the proof is in the pudding.


During a Rasa session you can ask Hirok any questions you may have, which he answers very clearly and explains with examples from his own journey to help with perspective and understanding. 


You can also email questions whenever you like which for me was invaluable during this process.


I have made great progress under the tuition of Hirok and I whole heatedly recommend him to anybody who has had enough of seeking and is ready to drop all the BS for the truth of who you really are.

Jai, UK


Hirok has been a delight to work with. He has a kind approach and it’s in best interest at heart to get all his students to loc 1000 quickly and smoothly.

Before I started working with Hirok I had a lot of thought, fear and anxiety which has been falling away as I’ve progressed on the map. These small changes make a big difference in my daily life, relationships and interactions with others are more harmonious and effortless.

If I ever need any help or have any questions, Hirok is always there with his arms open. I really enjoy working with Hirok and having him as my teacher and I would definitely recommend contacting him for rasas.

Happy, UK

Jeremy Rodgers.jpg

In Ramaji's book 1000 he states that 'The best teacher will be the one where teacher and student are aligned in trust, understanding and mutual warm positive regard.'  After some time working with Hirok now this has become a description of our bond as student / teacher.

When I first heard of RASA I considered it nonsense but was nevertheless driven to give it a chance.  It was some time before I experienced results that made me realize it is real and powerful.  Initially it was Hirok's integrity and selfless dedication to me that spoke volumes not necessarily the RASA experience (at least in my awareness at that time).


I have experienced many things such as no thought, connection to all, visitations in dreams and states harder to articulate. I have had 'experiences ' and all sorts of psychic phenomena over the years prior to RASA so 'experiences' were not important to me unless there was permanent positive change as a result.  RASA so far has facilitated a change in consciousness that to this point in my journey has been permanent.  What is funny however is when the realization comes that although something has changed, nothing has changed as 'I' was already there before I started.

Jeremy, Canada

13. Ryan SCHWARTZ.jpg

Hirok is a skillful RASA giver and spiritual guide. Each session brings me in fuller alignment with deep abiding peace, infinite love, and the dissolution of the patterns beliefs, identities, and egoic structures that impede it. He leads each session with profound love, timely humor, and a groundedness that makes the process feel safe and achievable for the modern-day householder.

Update 2:

There's nothing to say -- and no one left to say it. Yet the experience isn't empty or void of meaning. Rather, it's bursting with life, love and vividness. There's a newfound reverence and childlike awe to everything. From the smell of coffee to the gust of dusty wind wrapping its way around my face as the subway pulls into its stop. Each moment, so utterly new and fresh, with no one left to insist on the illusion of continuity between them. It's my wish that all beings make the choice to wake up to what is already here. 

Ryan, Canada

12. Jack tesoro.jpg

The service Hirok offers is valuable beyond measure. I would say it is the most valuable thing one can receive, or the only thing of true unchanging value. 

Hirok has been very helpful as a guide through this process. He is friendly, insightful and evidently quite caring. He always takes the time needed to answer my questions, as well as reminds me i can email him at any time. His approach is refreshing as it feels like I am talking to a respected friend.

Since taking RASA, a number of subtle shifts in my perception have been taking place. Less identification with stories and mental chatter, less burdened by heavy emotions, mental challenge and suffering come and go, but they are much less convincing now - they aren't held onto for nearly as long, or at all.


I feel much more balanced emotionally and mentally, and the depth of awareness in meditation is continually being explored in new ways.


I recommend RASA to the sincere seeker.


Thank you Hirok for sharing this gift.

Update 2: The student gave me the following update when he stabilized in LOC 700 (Levels of Consciousness calibrated at 700). 

I decided to feature this update because I thought his writing encapsulated what a LOC 700 sage usually feels when he is navigating through his spiritual journey, while at the same time, fighting with this inner demon, questioning his long standing beliefs and reevaluating his life priorities. At the same time, he is still dropping in his heart. You see, a sage or an enlightened person doesn't necessarily have his life easy. He does his best to live the life as it is, and yet at the same time, continue along with his spiritual path. That's the only difference between him and the rest. 


Hello Friend 

Figured id write a bit about the experience. 

Certainly feels like a "dark passage" there is a certain ceaselessness arising lol. 

What is happiness? What do I want from these relationships? How to be in this world? What is there even to talk about or do?

An unraveling of beliefs and thoughts i suppose - in exploring this darkness, I have been experiencing another depth of "resting in the heart" -  feelings of being immersed in, surrounded by & composed of the SELF. Feelings of only wishing grace to the "others", only wishing to be embodied light in this darkness

Perhaps these writings describe some of the experience, its hard to articulate lately I find.

Challenging emotions seem to be resolving slightly easier now, as the solution/resolve manifests in my external enviorment quicker - I have been taking the time to slow down and inquire when emotions do arising

I also tried the "feeding your demons" practice - it was an interesting and new way to explore emotions - i think i will continue :)

Jack, Canada


RASA is the mechanism through which one may permanently remove the malware of separation. 1000 is as much a software update as it is a factory reset. It is the absence of the one who would claim to be at LOC 1000. To live in the freedom of that seeming paradox is to realize one’s true nature. It is a knowing beyond the known. One need not search for what they fundamentally are. RASA is for those who are ready to put an end to their seeking once and for all, those that are ready to come to rest in the peace that is their birthright.”

Mr. G


Rasa is a wonderful energy white light passing through crown chakra and down through your whole body. It is a gentle but intense energy the feeling is wonderful as your temples tingle while you do this 15-minute meditation. The results are phenomenal as you will notice right from the first session you are able to start to control deceptive ego thoughts. As you progress with more sessions you will notice changes in your life unimaginable. I have been taking RASA for about 6 months now and am fully practicing self-inquiry as well. I feel that I will get to LOC 1000 very soon as I have been progressing fast. I completely recommend this as it fast tracks you in to non-duality and believe me it’s where you want to be!! If you are a seeker please give this a shot Hirok is a wonderful facilitator and makes you feel so comfortable the whole time.


As for thoughts they used to be over overwhelming and would rush like a stream all day long. Now they pass me like a car on a highway they are there I notice them and they pass. I no longer attach myself to thoughts I like once did. I find tasks are much easier at work and in life when my mind is quiet.  I no longer overreact to small issues. It’s quite remarkable and hard to explain. I can meditate for 45 mins with minimal thought and again if they do come, they fade away quickly. 



It was 3 and a half years ago, in late 2016, that I started seeking. Between then, and March 2019, my spiritual work would last up to 3 hours per day.


The desire to find what I was seeking eventually became so intense that I had little care for anything else. Day to day conversation simply wouldn't interest me. Enlightenment was like the itch that I couldn't scratch. It was in January 2020 that I stumbled upon Ramaji's "Who am I? Meditation" that then led to me taking RASA from Hirok in March 2020. 


From the awakening of the Heart on the Right in my early LOC 600s to the Divine Love that would bring me to tears in my late LOC 800s to where I am now at LOC 1000 and have had a few experiential insights into what I really am, never did I think that there was actually something out there that could act as this much of a potent catalyst to the spiritual work that had become such a massive part of my life over the past few years. 

Before taking RASA, I had resolved to continue my sadhana even after LOC 1000, under the assumption that seeking must go on forever and in denial that I'd never really find the real answer to who I am. This heavy identification with being the seeker was eventually peeled away with the grace of RASA.


Admittedly, I didn't have full confidence in receiving RASA at all times throughout the year; previously being an atheist for most of my life and denying any notion of spirituality being anything more than hocus pocus caused me to still be skeptical of the process even 3 and a half years into my spiritual journey. Yet in the end, my skepticism was proven wrong through direct experience.

I can't thank Hirok enough for saving me what may have been decades, if not lifetimes of spiritual work. 

It's all here. That's all. 


At the time of writing this in June 2020, I have have stabilized at LOC 1000, having been at LOC 575 when I first started. I still have a heap of integration ahead of me, but I think it's safe to say that I won't be picking up yet another book on enlightenment, or attempting some form of meditation marathon in the foreseeable future.


If you're currently looking through these testimonials wondering if you should give it a try, I would say why not just take the leap of faith? Maybe it's time to finally surrender, and let the seeker become the finder...


Spiritual Breakthrough of J.V


J.V kept a detailed log of his spiritual sadhana even since he took the first session with me. Here are few of his logs from, showing some of his spiritual breakthrough:

Spiritual Breakthrough: Discovering the Spiritual Heart During Self-Inquiry

Update 1:

How strange! During today's self inquiry practice, I could faintly feel the thought tumbling down into the Heart on the Right during the second step! To the extent where the difference between the blank state of mind and being in the Heart could be felt. I'm not sure to what extent the Heart was being felt (is it fully awake? I would assume not because during the day it's not as easy to feel this) but I'm very grateful for the progress so far!)

Update 2:

It is starting to feel as though I'm not "diving down" into the Heart when doing the second step, like I used to feel before. It's more like... Returning home after taking a vacation into my head. Ramaji did describe this in his book, but I have only realized now what he meant by it. 

Spiritual Breakthrough: Living From the Heart

What has been noticeable is the fact that the Heart has been 'hiding' so much less. As a result, I always seem to have this stillness and sense of Being accessible to me wherever I am. Of course, I am automatically in the Heart during active living, but moving my awareness to that feeling is a great sort of 'happiness base" to fall back on,

Spiritual Breakthrough: Becoming Aware of the Fluidity of the Opposite

I'm starting to intuitively see the lack of clear distinction between things that I once thought clear opposites, just like the fate and free will insight in the last diary log, except for less metaphysical things, and more everyday things. Apparently distinct things just seem more...  boundariless, once I start to think about them deeply enough.

Spiritual Breakthrough: Renunciation of the Seeker Within

Update 1:

No more Self Inquiry. No more sadhana.


This is a big big thing for me to say. I've had a very consistent sadhana for 3 years, for about 2 hours per day on average and before RASA, I had intended to carry this on after LOC 1000, but something is telling me to stop and I think I should listen to it.

I don't feel the need any more. As I said earlier, I'm in the Heart automatically during my daily life anyway. If it turns out that I was being lazy and I change my mind, I'll continue again, but this doesn't feel like that. Spirituality is not really something that I have been lazy with since hearing of enlightenment.

Update 2:

This disinterest in spirituality seems to be a very strong theme of the late LOC 900 for me. There's not really anything else going on except that feeling of being almost as indifferent to seeking as I did to material things in the earlier LOC 900 when I felt that I just didn't care about much


Spiritual Breakthrough: Discovering the Simplicity of "What Is"

When I first took up RASA, I was expecting to be shown fantastical mystical states, becoming closer to God, when in fact, RASA has done the opposite; it's grounded me more into what is right here. The more I progress through the LOC system, the more I am right here. 


But perhaps, relatively speaking, I have become closer to God, if it's the case that God is right here and right now. The egoic I-Thought took me away from the simplicity of right here, right now. In other words, relatively speaking, it took me away from God.


Journey to LOC 1000: Spiritual Breakthrough of H.R


H.R had already been an earnest spiritual seeker when he started working with me. H.R was extremely mindful of his inner experience after each RASA. The followings are some of the lucid descriptions of spiritual realization that he shared with me. 

At LOC 626:

All I can say is everything is truly ok, I am noticing so much peace even in the midst of so much change, there is a sense of wellbeing that truly surpasses all understanding. It's been difficult to meditate on any kind of schedule there's is just me sitting whenever the mood strikes me. Truly different for me because I've always been so rigid with my meditations. Besides all things are flowing with studying for a licensing exam and preparing to move into a new apartment. Things are moving and grooving.

At LOC 650:

I have been having an amazing experience with love I ran into someone I dated years ago and they and I have been connecting on a profound level. They told me that I was ready to surrender to love which for some reason rung in my heart and the openness to the mystery of not knowing but trusting completely just opened in me. I can see my blocks that have kept me from being intimate with a close partner, I see it in my family and my friends the fear of other, the apprehension and lack of trust is all over the place. This person has been a mirror for me almost like a divine messenger that love is real and I deserve it. This experience brought me to tears yesterday as I realized I am worthy of love. 

At LOC 669:

As things continue to unfold in my life, I have had a series of recognitions. The first was that I am worthy and fully capable of love and being loved. For many years my image of myself has been pretty low and every now and again I would have a negative self-defeatist view of myself professionally and emotionally. But with grace and spiritual guidance I am seeing the trees through the Forest. Surrendering to love as myself and as the truth in all aspects of my reality. 

At LOC 679:

I've always been pretty good at noticing my feelings in the body. With my recent job change and my transition from my current job I've noticed my usual sense of fear or insecurity popping up via the body and dreams. What's different this time around is I don't feel the energy stuck my body. It's more like there is a feeling out there somewhere I am aware of it but it's not landing in my body as a pain or stuck feeling. I noticed last night that awareness seems to just be consuming everything that I experience. Almost like devouring the world. It's kinda difficult to describe but I notice the sense of just consuming all emotions and thoughts into something much more than a small self. I almost forget about stressful things at times when this movement of being as myself is just present. By simply relaxing this appears to happen. I don't know what it means but I am not worried nearly as much as I use too be which is interesting.

At LOC 719:

The past few days I have begun to notice a stillness that is so strong it's like there is nothing else but this stillness, all my thoughts and feelings are consumed in this stillness, and there is a joy despite any trials or stress coming up. Yesterday at work I was given so many tasks that my mind just surrendered to not knowing what to do but just do as things came up without projecting or worrying about the future. Thoughts of the future have come up, but they are like the fuzz the comes up as you pour pop in a glass they quickly disappear. I also had a dream a few nights ago about my mother, the kept leaving and moving on and telling me I could not go with her where she was going. I kept longing to be where she was but she kindly smiled and told me not to worry. This felt like I was letting go of concern and worry which has been a part of me forever lol. Just being with what is and not having to be concerned with any future outcomes is so liberating.

At LOC 842:

So many new experiences and feelings have been welling forth the past few days. I have noticed that information about the why behind many of the questions and anxieties I have had are being answered. For years I have had many questions about why the divine feminine has been suppressed especially within my cultural experience.  I listened to a talk that popped up on my Youtube feed. While listening to an explanation about why the African deities didn't stop slavery or oppression, the answer of why came up as the suppression of the divine feminine that has occurred throughout time and has continuously been happening to many individuals and collectives. I recognized in myself how I have resisted the oppressive energies since I was a child. I experienced today a recognition of the pain of the world, and with that recognition I felt great joy at seeing this pain because it has been forgotten, the divine mother suppressed severely, and that part of me is rejoicing at being seen more and more. A freedom that is beyond imagining. All I have to say is wow.

At 879:

I've been consistently meditating daily twice a day. I noticed in the evening last night I went extremely deep within, and settled there. I noticed an upsurge of shakti that has not gone down. I was up most of the night and there was an energy surge going through my body that is still pretty active. It's a bit unstable. I can feel a sense of life force awakening in the body, a bit blissful and somewhat unsettling, I am grounding and visualizing myself with roots going into the earth, it's helpful so far. 

At LOC 899:

Things have been stirred up quite a bit yet so tranquil I've felt more isolated on my own island of equanimity. There's a feeling of being far gone yet present for everything it's so raw and yet distant, I really can't put it in words. I've been laying down more and just being with myself despite feeling uncomfortable at times. It's like I am adjusting to body changes that I've had when I was in high school. Exciting times. 😂

At LOC 900:

I cannot begin to express to you what is occurring within this body mind. A true freedom like no other that has been before. I attended a small retreat online last weekend, after doing so, I had what felt like the final step into the vastness of being. A vision occurred while I was asleep that has expanded and hasn't left me since. I saw the many bodies, the minds and experiences that have been and are occurring right now as expressions of the one truth or dharma. I reached the shores of the undying land and the realization of that truth is ever present without the need to quantify, or understand it. As I am writing this life is just flowing without a need to control just being itself. I trust that this is what it is and freedom is here and now.


At LOC 950:

I feel like a huge milestone has been undertaken without any participation from self-i.e., the small self. An overwhelming sense of fundamental wellbeing is present and hasn't went away, or gone unnoticed in daily activities.  Just stressless in the field of stress. Opposites colliding into the infinite.

At LOC 977:

So many changes have been occurring it’s hard to keep up. Last night I came to the realization that mediumship has always been my gift and fear of it has hampered me from understanding it for years. I had a visitation last night from a Buddhist friend who recently passed away. I was given some powerful insights about my health and personal life and almost instructions about my diet that were pretty interesting.  I realized that my fear about seeing spirits and such has come from an unstable nonrealized place. A wise teacher in my past once told me to capture the fort before trying to explore the lands. Which meant to realize the self then it is safe to explore the terrain.  I now feel at home in the self and exploration feels safe and more possible than ever.

Nearing LOC 1000:

All I have to say is wow. I was just watching the new movie soul and during the process the insight aroused that the whole purpose of life is to live no other thing is needed, all is revealed and embracing life as myself has already been present. Since time without beginning.  I began to cry and I feel completed just free to embrace life as it is, even the bad and unpleasant are there for a reason that doesn't need to be explained. It all just makes sense. I feel so relieved.

At LOC 1000:









Journey toward 1000H.R
00:00 / 01:41



RASA Experience of F&D


Below you will find video of F and D, who took couples rasa session with me for about 09 months. In the video, they  talked about their own experience about RASA and RASA sessions as well as their spiritual realization.

F & D (Belgium)

Michele B.png

Working with Hirok has been the single most transformative + mysterious process of my life. From the very first session, I noticed that my system had an entirely different reaction with him than I’d ever experienced with anyone. As a healer and energy worker myself I consider myself an extremely sensitive person. Having worked with many different healers, energy workers, shamanic practitioners, therapists, and spiritual teachers, I’ve noticed a wide variety of responses and signals when someone connects with me.  My body consistently perceives the moment of energetic connection, usually with palpable sensation, often with a physical movement (like a small shake or head movement). Sometimes (with less skillful practitioners), the energies can seem to crash or slam together–which can feel invasive, and abrupt. Usually, with skilled practitioners, the moment of connection feels like a gentle, energetic hug, similar to slowly letting the body submerge into warm ocean water.  With Hirok, the connection didn’t feel invasive. I knew with certainty that there was connection, but I was flummoxed by my inability to perceive when it happened. Deeply puzzled by how I kept ‘missing’ the moment, I began to inquire inward about what might be happening. 

It finally dawned on me that because Hirok does not perceive himself to be ‘a separate self’, quite literally there WAS no moment of connection, as there had never been the framework of disconnection, or separation. As I started to apprehend and feel into this radically different way of being, a lightbulb went off. I am so grateful to Hirok for helping me experience this paradigm shift.

With no separate selves, there was also no judgment, no sense of being misunderstood, no being looked down upon. No power over, nor condescension. Just loving, embodied presence.

For me, the 600s were a bit of a roller-coaster ride. I’ve had many past lives come up along my path, even before working with Hirok, and certainly there was no shortage of that type of material emerging to be processed. I bought a house, had memories of pre-verbal sexual assault surface and heal, and felt the bizarre sense of clearly seeing through suffering and striving, while also frequently experiencing pain, intense emotions and distress.

The 700s came and I rejoiced: all the sudden it felt like I understood “life-hacking” in a way that I’d never been able to before. I was completing my psychotherapy notes, getting exercise, making dinner, helping clients—all seemingly with no effort whatsoever. My mind generated endless protocols and resources, I was cheerful, needed less sleep, and felt like life was unfolding with ease. Any book I picked up, any training I took, I seemed to understand almost by osmosis. My (snarky!) thought was that if a pharmaceutical company could make a drug that had everyone feeling the 700s feeling, the company would get very rich, and the world would be a quite different place. 

Part of me got fretful about leaving the 700s, as I’d never felt such a sense of well-being. To me, it felt like rocking the 8-fold path, but effortlessly. Then the 800s brought a sense of expansive love–it was like I truly fell in love with life for the first time. The only tiny complaint I had towards the 800s was that they went by so fast!

Then came the 900s, which made the 600s seem like a cake-walk. Time seemed to slow down, or cease to exist. I lost interest in movies, and could barely find anything to watch that held my attention for more than a few minutes. A lifelong reader and self-professed book nerd, I mourned the loss of fiction, which no longer interested me in the slightest. 98% of my free time was spent working on myself energetically, in deep states of Samadhi, often in the bath. Huge subterranean shifts were taking place—people I’d had complicated relationships with popped up out of nowhere, remaining past lives presented themselves for healing, and any aspect of my career that was no longer feeling true to me started to shift. 

As I stand at the threshold of LOC 1000, I feel immense gratitude for whatever arrangement Hirok and I made that meant he would be the person who helped me find my way home. He is wise, and kind, and humble (though he’s seemingly read everything and knows everything about every non-dual teacher and writer!!), and embodies open-hearted, non-dual presence. If you’re reading this, and feeling on the fence about working with Hirok, tune into your heart and it will tell you to stop thinking

Begin the journey back to your true home.

Michelle B (USA)

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