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My Name is Hirok Das

I am a RASA Giver / RASA Facilitator. I can give a powerful spiritual Shaktipat known as "RASA" to facilitate rapid spiritual awakening.

MY goal is all about you

Hirok Das, a RASA Shaktipat Facilitator

My goal is simple: I will do my very best to help you to reach LOC 1000 (levels of consciousness calibrated at 1000)

Another way to state my goal is this: I will do my very best to help you awaken to your true nature.

The only way I can accomplish this is by giving you – RASA Shaktipat.

I am a certified RASA Giver or RASA Facilitator. A RASA Giver is basically someone who has trained by Ramaji or Ananda Devi to give RASA to spiritual seekers.

RASA is the only tool in my spiritual repository. I don’t need anything else, really.

You see, I don’t really see myself as a spiritual teacher. Instead viewing myself as a Teacher, I view myself as a “RASA Giver” or “RASA Facilitator”. As a “RASA Giver” or “RASA Facilitator”, my job is to give you RASA and “finish” you off. Thus, I am a “spiritual finisher” whose job is to finish his students’ spiritual search and set them free in the wild.

However, I do offer pointers and insights into your current Level of consciousness (LOC) state and will help you to refine your current practice, that is If you are practicing any particular technique that I am familiar with. For example: I can help you with Self-inquiry as I have extensive experience in Self-inquiry meditation.


If you are a spiritual seeker who is looking for breaking past the finish line (not just dreaming or talking about it), RASA can help you tremendously. You can keep your existing sadhana or practice in the mean time.

My goal as a RASA giver is to make myself obsolete. Let RASA, the energy of divine, be your liberating power and teacher.

What’s my spiritual background?

I am afraid I don’t have any magnificent or illustrative spiritual background. I am just a regular John Doe who happened to be graced by Kali Ma. To make a long history short, I was awakened through RASA. I was given RASA by Ramaji, who I venerate as my spiritual teacher. I had couple of awakening experiences before meeting with Ramaji. However, my final awakening, which helped to realize my Self, was happened through RASA. 3 years after of my final awakening, I became a RASA giver.

For the inquisitive souls, I have provided a slightly bigger version of my spiritual “history” towards the end of this page. You may check that out if you want to.

Even though I always associated myself with Advaita teachings, curiously the experience of my Self-realization was more in line with what Khasmir Shaivism, particularly what Pratyabhijna school of philosophy describes. At the time of my Self-realization, I didn’t know much about Khasmir Shaivism. I read 1 or 2 books about Kashmir Shaivism before but never really understood anything about this unique tantric tradition.

However, as I was nearing to LOC 1000, I started having flashes of insights and a couple of awakening experience. I started to jot those insights into my mobile note-taking app. As a student of Advaita tradition, these insights seemed to be a bit strange to me. Since I read almost all Advaita books (written on English) ever came into existence, I decided to look elsewhere. At that time, I had already developed a devotional relationship to Kali ma, so I started reading books on Shaktism and Kashmir Shaivism. I was actually blown away when I found out that my insights of Self-realization perfectly matched with the description of enlightenment experience in these books.

So, in my case, my realization precedes theory. However, the proponents of Kashmir Shaivism actually recommend to have acquainted with their view first, and practice later. According to this tantric tradition, right view helps the seeker to internalize proper realization.

Although I am not a lineage holder of Kashmir Shaivism or Shaktism, Ramaji however once told me that I had been a “Shakta” (one who practices Shaktism) in few of my past lives. This actually made sense to me since Iactually since I was drawn to, and blessed by Goddess Kali.

Kashmir Shaivism

My Spiritual Resume (OR my story of finding myself)

Krishna being Krishna, dancing his way to defeat the Serpent King Kaliya

For as long as I remember, I have been a spiritual seeker. It started around the age of 8 when I first read a translated copy of Gita. To be honest, I never understood the teaching of Gita at such early age, nonetheless for some inexplicable reasons; I read this book many times over. I had a very visual mind, and I always imagined myself as an invisible spectator in the battlefield of Kurukshetra where Krishna was giving sermon to Arjuna.

I am forever indebted to my Parents for fostering my spiritual curiosity as they bought me all those colorful books by Upendrakishore Ray Chowdhury. Those books were based on the stories told in Ramayana and Mahabharata and were written specifically for younger audience. These books must have had made a lasting impression on my young mind, as I made various imaginary friends out the various characters from Ramayana and Mahabharata. Just as children talk with their imaginary friends, I used to talk with imaginary Rama and Krishna.


Sometimes, I imagined myself as the brave and handsome Arjuna who had Krishna as his best friend and teacher. I even imagined myself as Hanuman who could fly over vast sea and kick demon’s butt like there was no tomorrow.

At such a tender age, I had no sense of “spiritual worthiness” and it never occurred to me, even once, that perhaps these spiritual beings were above and beyond my pay grade (or were they?).

Funnily, I was never able to sustain that innocence of my childhood for very long. As I entered in my teenage-hood, my body chemistry went haywire and instead of mythical figures, I became attracted to opposite sex, as any red-blooded teenager would’ve probably done. I stopped talking to my imaginal Krishna or Rama and I left my childhood spirituality behind, at least for a while.

But the seed of spiritual seeking had already been planted firmly in my psyche by then.

Hanuman is my childhood "Superman". 

One of his amazing feats is this:  Once Rama sent Hanuman to find some healing herbs in a forest for his wounded brother. Hanuman couldn't recognize the right herbs, so he ripped the whole mountain where the forest was and carried it to Rama.

From The Age 14 to 17 – Sleep Paralysis, Night Terror And Visit To Hellish Realm

One of the main reasons I became curious about “non-physical” realms was something to do with my frequent involuntary astral visit to terrifying realms. From the age of 14 to 17, I regularly experienced nightmares and sleep paralysis almost every night. During this sleep paralysis, I was often thrown into (felt like I was falling through a bottomless dark tunnel) some very very weird places that can only be described as “hellish”. You can pretty much call these places as hell, because that’s exactly how I felt around these places – a place devoid of God’s light.

It was not until I read this book Journeys in Spectral Consciousness” (around age 25 – about 07 years later since my nightmarish experiences ended), I understood that I was literally astral traveling realms of very negative energy and level of consciousness.

My visit to hellish places was very much similar to the experience of the book author. To get you an idea of what those hellish realms looked like, I am going to quote directly from that book:

“At one level I saw a woman holding and beating a child…………. Yet another level of terror lower despair turned into insanity as everything turned dark. The darkness got thicker and thicker with each level down……...Somewhere along the way the car ceased to exist and I was simply descending in the air. At one point all beings and monsters ceased to be and there was an incredible darkness. I realized there are differing densities and levels of darkness. This kind of darkness was utterly devoid of any sort of hope or reconciliation. If at one point I had been screaming in sheer horror, this plane was beyond horror, beyond screaming. It was dense, dense, dense, objectified hatred. I would have traded traditional views of hell for this place any time.” (Source: Journeys in Spectral Consciousness by Frederick Dodson, Chapter 2, Kindle edition)

To this date, it is still unknown to me as to why I was forced to visit those hellish realms (even if it were all just dreams). May be it was for my previous life karma, or maybe I had the psychic ability to see spirits back then (I don’t have this ability now by the way). My it is clear that somehow, I was descending into some very lower level of consciousness during my sleep (around 100 – 250 may be) for some reasons.

From The Age 18 To 20 – Explored Self-help Techniques

Instead of seeking self-knowledge, I somehow managed to divert my attention into every self-help technique that I can put my hands on. I have tried almost every self-help technique under the sun.

I explored positive thinking, meditation techniques such as Silva method, hypnosis, brainwave CDs, Neuro-linguistic programming, Speed reading (such as Photo reading), belief clearing techniques, many mind programming systems, many emotional healing techniques (such as EFT, Release techniques) and so on and so forth.  

I read books on personal transformation, happiness, memory improvement, relationships, building self-confidence and self-esteem, sex, success, financial improvement, stress management, time management, dieting, transpersonal psychology, health and fitness.

From The Age 21 to 22 – Explored New-Age Stuff

I dipped my toe into Energy Healing, Astral Projection, Crystal Healing, Past Life Regression, Theosophy, Tarot/Oracle Cards reading, Chakra balancing and Astrology (Western and Vedic astrology).

From The Age 23 to 25 – Real Spiritual Seeking Begins

Since I always like Buddha, I decided to explore Buddhism for spiritual enlightenment. I had no Buddhist teacher, so I “DIY” (Do it yourself) the hell out of Buddhism.

I started with doing practices which belongs to Thai and Vietnamese Buddhist monk. My main meditation practice at that moment was called “Noting”. It was popularized by Mahasi Sayadaw.

Later I explored philosophies and practices from all three vehicles or doctrines of Buddhism (Hinayana or small vehicle, Mahayana or great vehicle and Vajrayana or Tantric Buddhism).

I also briefly dabbled with Zen, Nichiren and Pure Land Buddhism.

However, out of all Buddhism school, the one I like the most was “Pure Land” Buddhism. Pure Land Buddhism is a more of a devotional Buddhism school for lay people. It basically says that if you can’t get enlightened using complicated meditation practices and if you can’t get yourself an enlightened teacher, you can always pray to Amitabha Buddha for salvation, so that you may reborn into a Pure Land (heavenly realm) after death and receive your enlightenment training there. Out of all Buddhist schools, Pure Land Buddhism is the only Buddhist school that probably closely resembles the philosophy of Abrahamic religions.

From The Age 26 to 27 – Looking Beyond The Veil Of Thoughts

Became really interested into Ramana Maharsi’s Self-inquiry practice. At the same time, started exploring various techniques to see through illusions of thoughts. For example,

I extensively tried -

The Work by Byron Katie

The unfindable inquiry by Scott Kiloby

Neti-Neti meditation as prescribed in Upanishads

Cutting through fear process by Tsultrim Allione (who is said to be an emanation of Machig Labdrön)

No matter how many techniques I have tried, I kept coming back to Ramana’s Self-inquiry technique. This is one of the very few techniques in existence that can be applied by seekers at all levels (LOC 500 – LOC 999) as well as capable of taking seekers all the way through LOC 1000 irrespective of their starting level of consciousness.

At one point, I was practicing Self-inquiry at a stretch for more than 75 minutes during meditation and whenever I can during my waking state.

Around Age 28 – Took A Break From Spirituality

Decided to throw away all types of spiritual seeking and decided that it would be rather cool to be an “agnostic”. In retrospect, it was rather a good decision on my part. I was already overwhelmed by all these knowledge and my relentless seeking for something that remained totally illusive and out of reach for me. It was time for me to take a break and empty my cup instead.

Around Age 29 – Started Spiritual Seeking Again

But this time, after emptying my cups, I realized that it was not possible for me to get enlightened in “DIY” (Do it yourself) way. I can’t go beyond my mind using my own mind. This realization led me to a state of deep surrender. I throw away all my spiritual practices and resorted to simple prayer. Every day, I prayed to Amitabha Buddha so that I could be reborn into Pure land for enlightenment training. Though I stopped doing all meditation practices, one practice I kept doing is Deity Yoga. I imagined Amitabha Buddha as my deity during my Deity Yoga.

I guess I must have been doing something right this time as the surrendering to Buddha caused a shift within me. I realized that I had some sort of spiritual awakening. I had many awakening experiences before, but this time it was different. This awakening experience was somehow, qualitatively speaking, much deeper than any spiritual experience I had before.


I continued doing simple prayer and Deity Yoga.

Take a break from Spirituality
Restarted Spirtual Seeking
Nearing the end of spiritual seeking

Nearing to the End of Seeking

Three months after my deep awakening, I met with Ramaji. I started taking RASA from him. The rest is history.

It took me nearly 1 year and many RASA sessions to go to LOC 1000. But when I did reach LOC 1000, my decades of seeking finally ended on a whim, like it never existed in the first place.

Around age 33 – Became a RASA giver / RASA Facilitator

3 Years after stabilizing into LOC 1000, I decided that I would be of a great service to other spiritual seekers out there if I would become a RASA giver. Pretty soon, I took RASA giver or facilitator training from Ramaji. I gave my first RASA to someone in India, six months after my RASA training. He went to LOC 1000 after couple of RASA sessions.

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