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A warning against the use of mind altering drugs for spiritual awakening

Many people have used some sorts of mind altering drugs for spiritual awakening or for recreational purpose. I don’t recommend using these drugs for any purpose. I specially DON’T recommend using these drugs while you are taking RASA.

These drugs can be broadly classified under three umbrella terms:

If you have used these kinds of drugs for spiritual awakening or recreational purpose or even just for fun, you need disclose that information to me (with the date of last time you had those drugs) before taking RASA.

Why I am asking such user to disclose such private information to me? Here’s the reason:

I had many people approached me regularly to give them RASA. Many of them had regularly used psychedelic or recreational drugs before. I noticed a certain patter between regular users of these drugs. Their spiritual energy is not stable. Sometimes it is hard to assess their LOC. This is especially true for naive younger seekers who are probably susceptible to the drug’s influence.

Any substance, which has the ability to alter your perception, is not good for you when you are aiming for LOC 1000. Why? Here's why:


The problem of taking mind alternating drugs or substances is that it can create disturbance in your energetic makeup of the body. Although I have no source to back it up, my theory is that these drugs can prove too sensitive for people whose energy body is uniquely qualified for higher level of spiritual practice. If you are into self-inquiry or curious about enlightenment, then your energy body is already “subtle” enough to undertake spiritual practices. If people like you, for example, take LSD or weed, then it can create unpredictable problem in the energy body. 

Curiously, I once read a book where the author said that most people who see unearthly things like unicorn, fairies or elves during the influence of hallucinogenic drug are actually being from lower astral dimension. They are not as auspicious as some of the proponents of LSD claims to be.

You need to understand that ultimately, enlightenment has nothing to do with being high. Not even close. Enlightenment is not a state; it is a way of being.

My policies regarding the usage of these kinds of drugs are simple:

  • If you had recreational version of weed/cannabis/marijuana before, you need to be sober for at least 03 months before taking RASA from me.

  • If you had hallucinogenic, psychedelics or psychoactive drugs before, you need to be sober for at least 01 Year before taking RASA from me.

  • While you are taking RASA from me, you are not allowed to take any MDMA/LSD or other hallucinogenic or recreational Drug. However, if you are taking any of those substances as per your Doctor’s prescription, meaning you are taking those for medical use, not for recreational purpose, please let me know beforehand so that we can work together to find a workaround. As far as I know, LSD and MDMA has currently has no approved uses in medicine.

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