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  • How long the sessions usually last?
    RASA Skype sessions are usually 40 minutes long. Each session is usually divided into two parts. The first part (20 min long) is reserved for Q & A. If you have any query relating to your spiritual life, you can ask me right away. The second half of the session (also, 20 min long) is for the RASA transmission. Basically, you don’t have to do anything besides closing your for 15 minutes. I will transmit RASA through Skype.
  • How does it feels to receive RASA?
    RASA is a spiritual transmission. It’s a descending power of Grace or higher power that flows through your crown chakra. It’s like downloading spiritual energy from the Divine Source. Now, if you are energy sensitive, you may feel weird sensation above your head, like energy is flowing through your crown chakra and descending down into your body. However, not all people can detect the movement of RASA. Instead, they feel wave of relaxation is coursing through their body.
  • I was also wondering how many sessions would someone starting at my level require?
    I have no idea how many sessions you would need to reach LOC 1000. You may very well can go to LOC 1000 just by taking RASA. Ramaji had quite a few student that reach LOC 1000 just by taking one (01) RASA. I have yet to have a student like this. However, I have students who indeed went to 1000 by taking just 3 RASAs. However, as it happened with both Ramaji and me, students who stick around and get RASA consistently can go to LOC 1000 almost predictably. Of course if you need many sessions from me, I will do whatever I can to relieve your financial burden. My job as a RASA giver is to make RASA accessible to all, regardless of their financial circumstances. I will try my best so that you can get frequent access to RASA without worrying about your money. You have my words on it.
  • I wonder if you are able to tell me my current LOC level?
    Yes, I can tell your LOC. To do that, I need your selfie. Any regular selfie or a single photograph will do just fine. After you have set an appointmet with me, I will tell you about LOC before giving you the first RASA
  • Is there any prerequisite before taking RASA? Can any person take RASA?
    Basically I have seen only kind of people coming to me and asking for transmission. The kind who are really interested to become enlightened or self-realized. They are usually long time seeker to want to end their seeking and just be. Interestingly, all of these people have one thing in common: Their starting LOC was at least at or above 550. What’s so special about being at or above 550? People really don’t get “ready” for enlightenment till they are in the middle 500 to 600 LOC. I am not sure why this happens, but LOC 500 is the realm of spiritual seeker. May be that’s why RASA works best when a student has a starting LOC around 550. In other words, they are “ready” at this stage and hence RASA can work its magic. According to the book “1000” by Ramaji, “the effective range where the attainment of enlightenment is a strong possibility begins at LOC 560 and goes up to LOC 585 (rarely, to LOC 589). To be even more specific, enlightenment becomes likely when the LOC 580s are reached. As the seeker abides more and more in the thought-free state in the LOC 580s, they become purified in preparation for the great leap into non-duality.”
  • I am not in the best place financially, so I am not sure whether I will be able to take multiple transmissions (if required)"
    I can certainly understand your situation. RASA is not my own energy. It is coming from divine source. My experience is that the divine source automatically modifies or customizes RASA to suit the temperament of the RASA receiver. Therefore, I can’t really tell how many session you would be needing to finish your journey. If you go to LOC 1000 just by receiving 01 (One) RASA, that’s great. If you need multiple RASA transmission, that’s also fine. Every student is different and so is their spiritual journey. What I do, to ease your financial burden, is to give you discount in case you need to take multiple RASAs from me.
  • Once you are 1000 and stabilized at that LOC does it stay forever?
    The answer is yes. Once you’ve stabilized at LOC 1000, you will not fallback to previous or lower LOCs.
  • How do you become a RASA giver?
    Well, first of all, to become a RASA giver, you have to reach and stabilized at LOC 1000 in the first place. Then you need to train to become a RASA giver. Only Ramaji and his partner Ananda Devi can provide this type of training and it’s their discretion as to whom they provide this training.
  • I want to keep taking as many sessions as possible until I stabilize at 1000. I don't think I can afford once a week but as much as possible.
    Your aim should be to keep in touch with this RASA energy as frequently as soon can. Therefore, if you can’t take RASA once a week, then try to take RASA twice a month or every two weeks. In other words, maintain some sort of consistency, even if you are taking RASA sporadically. When you are consistent in your approach, you are signaling your higher self that you are eager & ever ready. And when you are ready, the universe will find a way to reward your “readiness”.
  • Is RASA anything to do with Kundalini?
    If you go with the traditional definition of Kundalini, then RASA is quite different Kundalini, at least experientially. From traditional perspective, Kundalini energy is seen as you own inner spiritual energy that lies dormant at the base of your spine. Through Kundalini Yoga or by any other means, you can direct this energy upward to your crown chakra. But this can be extremely dangerous, and if you are not under a living Guru’s guidance, an awakened Kundalini can literally fry your nervous system. In Kundalini system, basically you are trying to “raise” or “ascend” your inner energy through your own effort. RASA, on the other hand is a divine shakipat that descends through the crown chakra. It modifies itself automatically to suit the unique temperament of the receiver. So, unlike Kundalini energy, it doesn’t fry your nervous system. It’s gentle and YET at the same time, extraordinary effective. So, Kundalini is Inner power which needs your conscious effort to some degree in order for it to be ascended within you, where else RASA is descending power of Divine that requires no conscious intervention from your part. Kundalini is the movement of your inner energy; RASA is the outer movement of divine energy. Eventually, when you stabilize in 1000, you’ll realize that there is no such distinction between these inner and outer movements. What you call RASA is a divine energy coming from your higher self, which is your true Self. So, from this higher perspective, there’s no hard and fast distinction between Kundalini and RASA energy because both are energetic aspects of your True Self. RASA has always been, however, safer and soothing.
  • Is RASA associated with Kali or another god?
    Yes, RASA is associated with Kali. She is the power behind RASA and she is RASA itself. However, when I say “Kali”, I am NOT pointing out the traditional Kali image that Western media usually depicts. To me, Kali is the female personification of enlightenment. Here, Kali is the female personification of what Hindus call “Shiva consciousness” Kali is the female personification of what Buddhists call “Buddha nature” Kali is the female personification of what Christians call “Christ consciousness” Kali is the female personification of what Taoist call “The Tao, the one who can’t be named or defined” Kali is the female personification of Lord himself.
  • How does RASA impact the cycle of death and rebirth?
    You can answer your own questions when the right moment arrives. The main job of RASA is to get you to LOC 1000. After you’ve firmly established in LOC 1000, ask yourself: What is this thing called “death”? What is this thing called “rebirth”? Who is exactly dying here? Who is exactly taking rebirth here? Who is exactly subject to this cycle of death and rebirth? Contemplate and the answer will eventually become clear to you.
  • How was it when you entered LOC 1000?
    I actually didn’t noticed when I slipped into 1000. My transition to 1000 was relatively smooth. Because I didn’t noticed my transition, Ramaji choose to not to tell me my 1K status right away. After 1 months into my post 1000 life, I noticed something very different in my attitude and perception. So I decided to email Ramaji about that and only then he told me about my 1K status.
  • Did your life or perception of life change radically?
    For me, it was not until 6 months into my Post 1000 life I encountered my very first non-dual experience. I was going to my office on my rickshaw (if you don’t know about “rickshaw”, you can google it). The Rickshaw puller was a very old man. When the rickshaw was crossing a busy road, suddenly, I started feeling and seeing that the Old Rickshaw puller was none other than myself. And it was not just the rickshaw puller, anyone around me, the beggar, the commuters, the traffic police – everyone is my very own Self. I was not having any Oneness experience (that often materialize in Lower LOC state). I was not feeling any oneness with everyone around me because that means the Subject – Object duality still exists (Subject is feeling oneness with the Object). What I felt and saw was my very own Self or Soul in everyone. Everyone is my very own Self, and I am everyone’s Self. There is no other Object, just never-ending Subjective experience. For me, this change in perception was a radical. It was not a spiritual experience. It was spiritual realization. There is a difference between “spiritual experience” and “spiritual realization”. Spiritual experience is like any experience, albeit a bit lofty in nature. Spiritual realization, is however, is the inner “knowing-ness” that will stick with you forever. Once you “see” it, you can’t “un-see” it. It’s like knowing that the Earth is not flat or seeing that Tom Cruise has a perfect middle Teeth.
  • Did it make you somehow "dysfunctional" for a while and you needed some time to adapt?"
    My spiritual experience didn’t make me "dysfunctional", however, it did take nearly one year for me adopt with my new state. One of the markers of enlightenment at LOC 1000 is that you feel your search has ended, that you have finally arrived at your destination. This is especially true if you are long time seeker. The lifelong yearning to find the answer of our identity dissolves in a nanosecond with a clear “this is it” realization. I actually became a little depressed when my search ended on a whim. I constructed my whole life around seeking and I haven’t had any many worldly skills as I gave my exclusive attention to spiritual seeking. So, when my search abruptly ended in a second, I absolutely didn’t have any f**king clue what to do with my life. You need to realize that, even when you will get into 1000, you may need lots of time to stabilize into your life. Stabilization is a key concept in our line of work. Our soul doesn’t need stabilization into enlightenment. It is, infact, always is in the perpetual mode of enlightenment. However, it’s our body-mind that needs to be reconfigured to recognize this truth. Our body-mind, as awesome creation of God as it is, is so limited by time and space and other various factors, it is takes time to finally settle into a new role of an enlightened person.
  • How has your life changed ever since? (Emotionally, mentally, physically, if it has...)"
    I can honestly say that emotionally and mentally I have grown tremendously in my Post – 1000 life. Emotional and mental growth tends to accelerate when you become open up to it and opening up to emotional and mental growth becomes easier when you stabilized and spends considerable time into LOC 1000. Physically, umm, don’t know. I am generally a lazy person when it comes to physical activity. Moreover, due to job etc, I am almost a sedentary person. However, my ability to withstand stress has increased quite a lot (a skill that deems very desirable in my Day Job)
  • Do you feel more "embodied" and alive? Is life flowing through you with more ease or less/no resistance?"
    I certainly feel more "embodied" and alive than I ever did 3 or 4 Years back (pre LOC 1000 days). However, I need to clarify on what “being embodied and alive” constitutes for me. Many people has somewhat superficial idea on being "embodied" and alive. Being Alive doesn’t mean you always get a chance to dance in the rain and sing. Being Alive doesn’t even mean that your life will always go with the flow, that somehow you always find amazing synchronicity between you and the universe. Being alive means trusting your heart whether you are on the flow or not, being alive means nurturing your heart during your good times as well as during your difficult time when life turns bad and sour. Being alive means embodying your heart, because that’s where Shiva & Shakti lives (both literally and figuratively). In one sentence - Being embodied and alive means engaging with your life while remembering your divine heritage all time. If that’s case, then, yes, I am feeling alive and embodied. At the same time, I am opening myself to the possibility of being even more alive & embodied!!
  • What about thoughts, identification with them?"
    What about it? Thoughts are the content of the mind. Most of them are gibberish. Some of them, however, are useful. Thoughts themselves are not the problem. Thoughts are like falling water from a water fall. They will pop up in your mind randomly and endlessly. Problem arises when you accept them without questioning them. Instead of eliminating thoughts completely (which is nigh impossible) or trying to control them in some manner, why don’t you see through them? When you know its nature, they won’t bother you. Sometimes I am having gazillion thoughts on my mind. Sometimes, my mind is totally empty of thoughts. Both of these states come and go randomly and I usually don’t give a damn. I don’t have any particular preference for either of them.
  • Is there any pain or other residue from the past coming up and being dissolved in the "all-integrative-space of Being"? (Just invented this word ;-) "
    Ha ha…. nice choice of word. Yes, pain or residue from past do pop up occasionally. But, as you have said, they sometimes dissolve without any conscious effort from my part. This “automatic process” works just fine as long as I am not being attached to the result or to the process itself. Some issues do require my conscious intervention however.
  • When you or other students got to 1000, even if you do not have any nondual experience then, did you feel any of the following right away: a) Your search had ended, b) You did not see any of life's practical issues as problems, c) Did not feel any sense of lack Or do all these take time to grow into because of our past conditioning?"
    a) Your search had ended One of the markers of enlightenment at LOC 1000 is that you feel your search has ended, that you have finally arrived at your destination. This is especially true if you are long time seeker. The lifelong yearning to find the answer of our identity dissolves in a nanosecond with a clear “this is it” realization. I actually became a little depressed when my search ended on a whim. I constructed my whole life around seeking and I haven’t had any many worldly skills as I gave my exclusive attention to spiritual seeking. So, when my search abruptly ended in a second, I absolutely didn’t have any f**king clue what to do with my life. Off course, the intensity of this feeling will be varied from people to people, but everyone will arrive at this conclusion eventually. Now, allow me to elaborate on one important keyword of your question - “right away”. Does the seeking end right away? It depends on how much you have been stabilized at LOC 1000. Our soul doesn’t need stabilization into enlightenment. It is, infact, always is in the perpetual mode of enlightenment. However, it’s our body mind that needs to be reconfigured to recognize this truth. Our body-mind, as awesome creation of God as it is, is so limited by time and space and other various factors, it is takes time to finally settle into a new role of an enlightened person. This is why in my line of work; I repeatedly emphasized the importance of “stabilization”. Your consciousness is at LOC 1000 right now, so it’s just a matter of time that your body-mind will adjust itself to work with your new LOC. b) You did not see any of life's practical issues as problems Being enlightened doesn’t entitle you any less problems than the ordinary folks. I recognize life's practical issues as problems because otherwise I will not go after the solutions. As long as you have this human body and human existence, your life will always be a never-ending series of problems and solutions. We learn and grow through these so called “problems”. What changes after enlightenment, however, is your relationship with the problems. You are still facing problems, but now you are equipped with a newfound knowledge about yourself and the world. You see yourself and everything as divine and your bonding to the Source is supremely strong. As a result, you will suffer less, though you still have to face pain. The proverb - “Pain is inevitable. Suffering is optional” can be a nice answer to your question. Off course, both pain and suffering is only applicable to your body-mind. It’s not applicable to the awareness which is your essential nature. c) Did not feel any sense of lack To address this question, again we need to play with the schematics of our language here. For example: After enlightenment, I don’t feel any lack as I know who “I” really am. I am the eternal Shiva who knows no lack. And yet, right now I sense a lack of satisfaction in my career as I no longer feel banking sector is suitable for my livelihood. Similarly, I feel lack of financial abundance as the income I have is not enough for my family. So I am trying to switch my job and increase my income. You see, I feel a deep unshakable “contentment” within me, and yet I am trying to address some apparent lack in my life. You can be perfectly content with your life and simultaneously, you can strive for self-improvement. Because happiness is what you are, and self-improvement is what you do. Feeling of lack (and any subsequent action to alleviate that feeling) is the domain our body mind, and contentment and happiness is the domain for our soul. You can simultaneously be perfectly happy and yet do whatever is necessary to live a human life. Normal people see “happiness or contentment” is a result of their striving, where else in reality contentment is not bound by cause-effect relationship. Happiness is God and God is you. Plain and simple. Perhaps, you are beginning to understand why spiritual people are full of contradiction. Ramana Maharsi said that there is literally no world for him, and yet he wrote books, gave satsang and manage his asram as long as he continued his earthly existence. From ultimately point of view, feeling of lack and your subsequent action (or inaction) to address this lack are like fire sparks coming from a big fire (Divine Source). So, even though this whole thing appears very contradictory to others, from ultimate perspective, it is just another divine play of the Divine.
  • For how long are you now in LOC1000? (Am taking into account that you didn't realize it straight away)
    I started working with Ramaji in early 2014. It took me nearly a year and many RASAs to reach 1000. I think I was one of the slowest students Ramaji ever had. Now-a-days, it’s more common for a student to reach LOC 1000 in 1- 10 RASA sessions.
  • I have a question about frequency of Rasa. Are there any circumstances in which Rasa could be recommended more frequently than once a week?
    Normally, I don't recommend taking RASA more than once a week. RASA is a very potent energy. While RASA is very safe in nature, our body-mind may need time to integrate the potency of RASA. That's why some people can go to LOC 1000 just after 1 or 2 RASA, where else some need 10. Every individual has a unique body-mind and hence their response to RASA is different. However, it's not like that I didn't make an exception to this rule. Currently I have a student who is taking 2 RASA per week from me. One is Live RASA, followed by a relatively subdued photo RASA. I made an exception here because he is an individual uniquely suitable for heavy doses of RASA. Even so, I'm keeping him under my close observation should he feels any resistance.
  • Though money is not a criterion to judge a realized one but it still seems very corporate oriented idea for me that buy LOC 1000 by paying for some sessions.
    I certainly can see where you are coming from. Your criticism is not new to me. We live in a day and age where we see fake Gurus selling fake online seminars, fake products, appearing in high profile fake Talk shows and what not. Many people wrongly succumb to these teachers, hoping for some spiritual salvation. Yeah, been there, done that! Having said that let me clarify on what you call “corporate orientation”. First of all, you can’t buy your way to enlightenment. This just doesn’t work that way really. You are paying your teacher for his time and effort and his investment of his energy in you. Whether you reach LOC 1000 is totally dependent upon God. Ramana Maharsi said that one that the fact that you are merely thinking of God is because of God. Enlightenment is caused by God. Your teacher acts as an intermediary, that’s all. Some of mine students went to LOC 1000 just after 2 RASA. Some of them took a while to reach that stage. They went to LOC 1000 because they earned it, either in this lifetime or in previous lifetime. As a RASA giver, all I did is to facilitate this RASA, that’s all. Secondly, many RASA Givers are full-time RASA faciliators. There is no way to earn a livelihood for them apart from earning money through RASA. RASA givers or faciliators aren't monk. We too need to bring foods to the table for our family somehow. At one point, my guru Ramaji provided many discounted RASA session to me while I knew that he was struggling with money himself. Helping others financially when you have the same problem takes lots of courage and integrity. I am very inspired by his benevolence and that’s why I decided to give RASA to my students at an affordable
  • Anything I should do to maintain the 1000, like conscious self-abidance, either as a practice or intermittently through-out the day?"
    When you stabilize in LOC 1000, you don’t need to maintain the 1000. You can’t maintain something that is already available to you 24/7. If you would have asked this question to Ramana Maharshi, I am pretty sure he would have given you a response like this: “Who is wanting to be in self-abidance?” Or “find the one who wants self-abidance” Please attend to your life as if you are an ordinary person who doesn’t give a damn about Self abidance. Please give your body-mind plenty of time to internalize your new LOC. RASA is a grace of Kali Ma. Kali Ma is known for swift enlightenment. With RASA, it is common for students to get enlightened first and realize enlightenment later. Our Soul doesn’t need a time-out to know the truth. Our brain does. We always see the thunder first and hear the sound later. Nonetheless, if you feel like you need to consciously redirect your attention to some state, I suggest you to get couple of RASA from me. It can help you to stabilize faster. I actually took many RASA even after reaching LOC 1000 because I had a hunch it might helpful for me.
  • One of my friends told me that there is chance to lose our enlightenment experience. That once a person become enlightened, in future he may become unenlightened. He told me this as the words of Osho rajaneesh. Please give me some clarity. "
    There is two ways to answer this question – First, when you are stable in 1000, meaning your LOC has reached 1000 and get stabilized there (by the grace of RASA or through other means), you will not go down below 1000. As a RASA giver, it's my job to ensure that you are stable at 1000 before officially giving you a confirmation. Secondly, there is difference spiritual realization and spiritual experience. Spiritual experiences come and go all the time. It seems random and out of your control. For example, I once saw Ramana Maharsi giving silent transmission to me in my dream. However, I was able to reproduce that experience later on. Spiritual realization, on the other hand, is the inner “knowingness” that will stick with you forever. Once you “see” it, you can’t “un-see” it. You will never believe again that the earth is flat once you’ve come to realize that the shape of earth is actually oblate spheroid—a sphere that is squashed at its poles and swollen at the equator, Similarly, after realizing "who you really are", you will never believe that you are just a body-mind. Therefore, spiritual realization is permanent. Rest assured that you have both spiritual realization and spiritual stability @LOC 1000. You are NOT going back to previous state. You are gone baby gone ;)
  • Still mind is not ready to leave me :(
    Instead of addressing the directly, I encouraged the student to enquiry on “having the mind” with the following email: Dear Student, I can give you many perspective as to why you are feeling this way, but instead, let's try another way. At LOC 1000, You don't need more theories. Instead, I want you to pay attention to subtle truth behind all of your experiences. Based on your spiritual realization ONLY, tell me, do you think you have any such thing call "Mind"? Based on your spiritual realization ONLY, if you think you have a mind, then tell me, what is this "Mind"? What are the function of your "mind"? Based on your spiritual realization ONLY, why it is important for you to leave this "Mind"? (if you think you have a mind). Please try to contemplate these questions Based on your spiritual realization ONLY & not from any book and not based on any teaching. Don't consult any book or refer to any guru (not even Ramana Maharsi). Come up with answers and write to me.
  • For me life is now a non-duality experience. The only problem I am facing is that I can't give much attention to my business. It's very difficult for me to keep the accounts properly. My business is a one man show. I like to travel and sit in solitude. I don't like to mingle with people. Sorry I don't know why this behavior.
    The way you are feeling right is very normal. This is particular phase in your spiritual journey. I went to same phase like you as well. What you are experiencing can be called as the "fire of silence". It's something similar to fire burning a wooden stick until the wooden stick vanishes. At some point, the fire itself vanishes. In a same manner, the deep stillness and silence within you is devouring your consciousness. It's burning your karma, it's purifying your soul. It's engulfing your being. This stage is very lucid and soothing. It's also often called as bliss or joy of awareness. At this stage, the pull of inner bliss can be so strong that you may find it difficult to do some worldly activity, e.g. running business by yourself for example. Just like fire itself disappears after burning the wooden stick, in a similar fashion, after a while, even this bliss state will go away. You will return to an ordinary state. However, in this ordinary state, you will be ready to receive extraordinary realization. When I went to 1000, I had trouble working at office. I work in a Bank. It requires me to mingle with many people, attend to many meetings, work with my team members to complete various projects under deadlines, work with numbers, figures, and graphs. I didn't consider my job to be "spiritual" at all. When I went to 1000, I felt this incredible silence within myself that was so strong that I swear I could go on for days without thoughts. I could be standing in a que and could go into Samadhi almost instantly. Like you, all I wanted that time was to remain aloof and mediate all the time. This was a difficult phase for me. I was torn between my not so spiritual day job and my spiritual inner urge to remain in silence and Samadhi. However, when that phase with full bliss ended, I realized that even my boring, dry job is just as much spiritual as visiting God's temple. Both my ordinary life and my extraordinary realization both are imbued with God's essence and they are not contradictory at all. Like me, you will soon realize that too. Everything is holy. Everything is God. Your career as a businessman is just as holy as your desire to remain in Samadhi. There is no contradiction, only the appearance of it.
  • My wife asked me some questions regarding the mystical powers of enlightened persons. Such as mind reading etc. Since I don't have any such experiences and I don't have any knowledge of it I couldn't answer her questions. Please give me some clarity.
    Mystical powers or yogic power or supernatural power are not the Sure - Markers of enlightened people. They are not necessary to realize the Self. Enlightenment means realizing your true identity, "WHO AM I". Realized ones know they are not just the body-mind, they are the Pure Self. Some people can tell future events, read mind with astonishing accuracy. However, many of them are not enlightened. On the other hand, many people who realized the Self, do not have yogic power. Basically, mystical power is given by God for special purpose. Many Avatars, including Ramana Maharsi or Ramkrishna, had yogic powers. They have powers because God want them to have massively impact human consciousness. Many people got enlightened just by visiting their ashram or by coming in contact with their presence. Whether someone has powers or not, it doesn't make any difference if he realized his Self. The one realized Shiva, becomes Shiva. If you have super powers, good for you. You are Shiva. If you don't have mystical power, you are still Shiva.
  • It is heard that the enlightened souls never sleeps. It is not my experience now. When will it become experiential to me? Kindly make me clear on this matter. Thank you.
    Your question is very interesting. Although your question is very straight forward, they require deep understanding of the nature of your very being. First of all, you need to know that everything is a “Form” of your Self, the universal consciousness. Universal consciousness, which is unmanifest Brahman, becomes manifests as everything. It doesn’t matter whether it is a rock, a human being, the Sun or Moon, a hair in your nose, your excrement, your thoughts or feelings; everything is a particular crystallization of consciousness, appearing within universal consciousness. Secondly, the relationship between the manifest (all the name and forms) and the unmanifest (the universal awareness) is then similar to the relationship between ocean waves and the ocean. Ocean waves appear in the ocean and they merge into the ocean. There is no separation between an ocean wave and the ocean. Ocean waves are made of ocean. These ocean waves are then movements of ocean, appearing within ocean itself. Similarly, universal consciousness (which is your very Self, the universal “I”), within itself creates innumerable forms by vibrating or pulsating continuously. Our manifested universe is then made of Universal consciousness and is totally inseparable from it. Thirdly, even though everything is made of consciousness, everything appears different to us is because every “Form” or manifestation of consciousness is unique in its own way. For example, Fire is a unique form of consciousness which has the property of heat. A rock is a solidified object which requires much pressure to break. Human being is a particular manifestation of Consciousness which is different from other sentient species like a Gorilla or a monkey or a horse for example. Why does our human body needs sleeping? It’s simply because the human body is made in such a way that it requires sleeping. There are other species in animal kingdom that can do away with less sleep. You know that you are this Ocean of Pure Consciousness. That means anything that you perceive (a rock, your body, a tree, the Sun, the moon, your wife, your children etc) is inseparable from you and is you. This means your body too is a modulation or crystallization of universal consciousness. Your body is literally “made of” the God’s consciousness. Your body is the body of Shiva, your mind is the mind of Shiva, and your awareness is the awareness of Shiva. You are Shiva. Everything is your very own Self. That means your body and all other bodies in the cosmos are also included in your very own Self. Everything means “everything”. If you understand the above paragraphs, then you realize that it’s a moot point whether or not the body of an enlightened soul requires sleeping. Whether or not your body sleeps, it doesn’t impact your Self-realization. When Shiva is awake, he is Shiva. When Shiva is sleeping, he is still Shiva, isn’t so? When you realize Shiva consciousness, you will remain as Shiva whether you are awake, dreaming or sleeping. Since everything is Shiva, the state of wakefulness, dream and sleep are included in Shiva consciousness.
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