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what is rasa?

To put simply, RASA is a kind of Shaktipat or spiritual transmission. RASA transmission is given to a seeker to facilitate spiritual awakening. However, the ultimate goal of RASA is to increase the seeker’s level of consciousness (LOC). Eventually when a seeker reaches into LOC 1000 and stabilizes there, he is said to have attained nondual consciousness. At this stage, the seeker’s ego consciousness or “I”-thought is being submerged or dropped into Primordial Consciousness, just like a river stream drops into an ocean. At this stage, the seeker has realized his true identity – that his very own Self is the Primordial consciousness.

Meaning of RASA

The meaning of RASA is actually twofold. First of all, RASA is actually an acronym. RASA means "Ramaji Advaita Shaktipat Attunement". Ramaji discovered (or rather was gifted) this powerful spiritual transmission and he named it as RASA. Secondly, the word “RASA” is actually an English word counterpart of Sanskrit word “रस” (Pronounced as R-A-S-A-H) which basically means “essence”. What is this essence? This essence points out to our core or fundamental nature which is unbound, unrestricted primordial consciousness. We are all, in essence, nothing but consciousness.

HISTORY of RASa Transmission : How ramaji discovered rasa

Ramaji discovered this amazing RASA Shaktipat while he was trying to heal someone. He has described in details his discovery of RASA in his book “1000”. In addition, he also wrote and made a video about it on his website. For convenience' sake, I am embedding the video here so that you may have a look into it:

Since then Ramaji has successfully facilitated spiritual awakening of hundreds of people (which also includes me by the way). Apart from giving RASA, Ramaji also trained some of his students to give RASA. Ramaji likes to officially call these people as "RASA Givers". However, I am more keen on using the term "RASA Shaktipat facilitator" as RASA givers technically don't give RASA, they just channel the divine energy of RASA from higher power. 


I usually transmit RASA to my students over Skype.  The Skype sessions are usually 30 - 40 minutes long. Each session is usually divided into two parts. The first part (15 min long) is reserved for Q & A. If you have any query relating to your spiritual life, you can ask me right away. The second half of the session (15 to 20 min long) is for the RASA transmission. Basically, you don’t have to do anything besides closing your for 15 minutes. I will transmit RASA through Skype. The transmission is given in silence.


The effectiveness of RASA doesn’t depend upon your spiritual background or religious beliefs. The effectiveness of this transmission doesn’t fluctuate based on your location either. You can be at the other side of the world from where I am giving RASA and the RASA still will do its job just fine.

It’s okay to be a skeptic about RASA. In the beginning, this is to be expected. As long as you are open and receptive to the grace (of Primordial consciousness, Pure I, God, Infinite being - whatever you prefer to call it), RASA will work for you just fine.

Is there any Prerequisite before taking rasa Transmission?

As far as I am aware, there are only two prerequisites of effective RASA delivery:

  1. The student has to be somewhere between LOC 560 to LOC 999

  2. The student needs to be open and willing to receive the grace


However, there are couple of things for you to keep that in mind if you've previous taken any kinds of mind altering drugs before for spiritual awakening or for recreational purpose. I have talked about this topic on a separate page here.

what exactly happens DURING a RASA TRANSMISSION?

RASA is a spiritual transmission. It’s a descending power of Grace or higher power that flows through your crown chakra. It’s like downloading spiritual energy from the Divine Source.  Now, if you are energy sensitive, you may feel weird sensations above your head, like energy is flowing through your crown chakra and descending down into your body or you may even see divine light descending down into your head. However, not all people can see or detect the movement of RASA. Instead, they may feel wave of relaxation is coursing through their body while taking RASA. A deep profound relaxation is the most common reaction of my students during RASA.

Here's another video of Ramaji & Ananda Devi where they go through the basics of RASA Transmission.

What happens after receiving RASA shaktipat transmission

Normally, when a student receives RASA, his LOC immediately jumps higher. For example, let’s say a student has a starting LOC of 600 before taking any RASA. This is his base LOC.  He then receives RASA from a RASA giver. As soon as he receives RASA, his LOC starts to rise above his starting or base LOC. Now, the following two circumstances may happen with him:


His LOC jumps to a new higher LOC and stabilizes there. In this case, the student crystallizes himself into a new higher level of consciousness from his base LOC. He may even stabilize in LOC 1000 (which is the primary goal of RASA). If he stabilizes into a higher LOC but not at LOC 1000, then he needs to continue receiving RASA until he finally breakthrough and stabilize into LOC 1000.


The student’s LOC jumps higher, but after few days, the LOC defaults back to his base LOC. Also, in this case the student needs to receive RASA regularly until he reaches and stabilizes into LOC 1000.

How many sessions needed to reach LOC 1000?

I have no idea how many sessions someone needs to reach LOC 1000. A student may very well be able to go to LOC 1000 by taking just one (01) RASA and doing nothing else. Ramaji had quite a few students that reach LOC 1000 like that. I have yet to have a student like this. However, I do have students who indeed went to 1000 by taking just 3 or 4 RASAs. However, as it happened with both Ramaji and me, students who stick around and get RASA consistently can go and stabilize into higher LOC almost predictably. Their readiness and receptivity to higher power helps them to progress along the path quickly.

Recommended doses of RASA Transmission

I usually recommend my students to get at least 03 (three) RASAs from me.

Take these RASAs consecutively every week for three weeks; or 

Take these RASAs every 15 days, or twice a month.

After receiving three RASAs, you can decide for yourself whether you want to go further with this. In my experiences, after three sessions, you can gauge your progress quite accurately by yourself.

How I keep track of the progression of loc of a student

When a student wants to take RASA from me, I usually check his LOC before giving RASA. After giving RASA, I check back that student’s LOC again after 7 to 10 days. This delay is intentional. You see, there is no point taking a LOC reading of a student immediately after giving him RASA as RASA increases a student’s LOC immediately. Whether the student has stabilized into a higher LOC after RASA is what I care about most.

In my experience, 7 to 10 days is a “good enough” time period to see if someone is keeping his new LOC or already reverted to his old LOC.

In my line of work, I make a clear distinction between getting into a new LOC and stabilizing there.

You can go into a new LOC with or without any external aid like RASA. For example, sometimes, you may experience a spontaneous shift in consciousness which can be described as “awakening”. However, often you can’t hold onto or integrate those “A-ha” moments into their daily life. This is because those magnificent “A-ha” moments don’t always translate into a stable realization.  A stable realization is always preceded by a stable LOC. If you can’t stabilize yourself into a higher than your base LOC, those sudden awakening experience will not hold much of a value.

Whether the student stabilizes into a higher LOC or go back into his previous LOC, it's my job to keep him updated about his LOC. If the student can't make it to the nondual consciousness, I usually suggest him to keep taking RASA till he stabilizes into nonduality. The student always has the freedom to choose how many RASA sessions he is willing to receive from me.

rasa and kundalini

Some people wonder whether RASA has something to do with Kundalini energy. I would like to clarify that:

If you go with the traditional definition of Kundalini, then RASA is quite different from Kundalini Yoga, at least experientially.  From traditional perspective, Kundalini energy is seen as your inner divine spiritual energy that lies dormant at the base of your spine. Through Kundalini Yoga or by any other means, you can direct this energy upward to your crown chakra. But this can be extremely dangerous, and if you are not under a living Guru’s guidance, an awakened Kundalini can literally fry your nervous system. In Kundalini system, basically you are trying to “raise” or “ascend” your inner energy through your own effort.


RASA, on the other hand is a divine shakipat that descends through the crown chakra. It modifies itself automatically to suit the unique temperament of the receiver. So, unlike Kundalini energy, it doesn’t fry your nervous system. It’s gentle and YET at the same time, extraordinary effective.


So, Kundalini is your divine inner power which needs your conscious effort to some degree in order for it to ascend within you, whereas RASA is the descending power of the divine (or the descending divine power) that requires no conscious intervention on your part. Kundalini is the inner movement of the divine energy; RASA is the outer movement of the divine energy. Eventually, when you stabilize in 1000, you’ll realize that there is no such distinction between these inner and outer movements. 

So, from this higher perspective, there’s no hard and fast distinction between Kundalini and RASA energy because both are energetic movement of your True Self. RASA has always been, however, much safer than traditional Kundalini Yoga.

Does RASA heal? Relationship between RASA & Healing

Technically, RASA is not a healing tool. It is specifically intended for spiritual awakening. Any type of healing, whether it is physical, mental, emotional or spiritual, may occur while you’re taking RASA. Healing is a side effect of RASA, but healing itself is not the end goal of RASA.

Healing and spiritual awakening is not necessarily a mutually inclusive thing. Often one or the other needs happen first.


In my experience, Self-love and surrender to the divine is the greatest way to experience both healing and spiritual awakening. The ability to trust and put your faith in the higher power and the ability to love yourself and see yourself “whole”, even if you are broken and scattered, is something that accelerates healing and spiritual awakening.

If you are want to receive healing or become enlightened, but if you keep on thinking that you not “good enough” or there is something fundamentally wrong with you, you won’t go very far. Both healing and spiritual enlightenment are always intrinsic to your nature. Sometimes, you may need other people’s help to get in touch with those intrinsic abilities, but these abilities are within you. You don’t borrow them from the outside.

RASA and Three skillful means of self-realization

According to Kashmir Shaivism, there are basically three means or ways we can achieve self-realization. The seeker can achieve liberation by following any or all of these paths. Depending on the maturation of his consciousness, the seeker may give more preference to one path over the others.

However, it’s my personal observation that many modern seekers often use different techniques from different paths. There’s nothing wrong with this approach. In fact, the sages of Kashmir Shaivism actually recommended the seekers to try any or all means of self-realization practices as long as the seekers are progressing towards realization.

The three skillful means of self-realization are:

  • Anavopaya, which is the yoga of the body

  • Shaktopaya, which is the yoga of the Mind

  • Shambhavopaya, which is the yoga of the Consciousness itself

Anavopaya – The Yoga of the Body

Here, the seeker uses various spiritual practices that aim to purify his physical and subtle body. Practices such as hatha yoga, prayanama, worshiping, deity yoga, visualization and meditation on chakra or energy centers within the body are all counted as yoga of the body.

Shaktopaya – The Yoga of the Mind

Here, the seeker is using various practices to understand the nature of his mind; particularly the seeker is actively working to purify his thoughts. I would like to point out that here mind, as Kashmir Shaivism defined it, is an amalgamation of thoughts & beliefs, emotions and feelings, sensations (as fed by sensory organs) and intellect. The sense of separateness, which is feeling of being separate from others as well from the Highest Divine, is also function of the mind.

In Shaktopaya, the seeker uses pure thoughts to replace his negative thoughts. In essence, he is trying to reprogram his mind. This process is NOT as same as mere “positive thinking” that self-help industry expounds. The pure thoughts, according to Kashmir Shavism, are the statements of your true nature. The Four Grand Pronouncements or Great saying from Upanishads (Thou art That, The Self is Brahman, I am divine, Pure consciousness is my Self) are examples of such Pure thoughts.

The seeker cultivates these pure thoughts so that they can permeate his whole being and replaces his negative thoughts. Finally, even these pure thoughts are left behind to make room for the seeker’s Pure Self. This is similar to what Ramana Maharsi prescribed in his book “Nan Yar?” (Who Am I?):

“By the inquiry ‘Who am I?’, the thought ‘who am I?’ will destroy all other thoughts, and like the stick used for stirring the burning pyre, it will itself in the end get destroyed. Then, there will arise Self-realization.”

-Ramana Maharsi

Apart from the cultivation of pure thoughts, any practices that help the seeker to see through and understand the nature of his thoughts, emotions, and beliefs are said to be part of yoga of the mind. Self-inquiry in a sense is a form of yoga of the mind, though Ramana Maharsi’s Self-inquiry technique starts at Shaktopaya level and ends up in Shambhavopaya level. Neti-Neti meditations from Upanishad and Vipassana meditation of the Teravada school of Buddhsim belong to Shaktapaya path. Some of the contemporary nondual teachers also provide methods that can be categorized under Shaktapaya path. Byron’s Katie’s “The Work” is one such notable example.

Shambhavopaya – The Yoga of the Consciousness itself

In the means of Shambhavopaya, the seeker, instead of using other means like mantra repetition, visualization, Self-inquiry etc., focuses on becoming conscious of Consciousness itself.  He goes directly into thought-free Consciousness and abides in there. His goal is to immerse himself into this thought-free consciousness for however long he can.

This is the most direct method of self-realization as the seeker is directly engaging his consciousness to abide in the Consciousness. Here, the seeker’s path and goal is one and the same.

Because Consciousness itself is the background where the mind arises and subsides, for most people, Consciousness is always full of contents (thoughts, sensation, emotions etc are always flying around within Consciousness like fireworks). It is not easy to access this thought-free Consciousness and hence this yoga is mostly suitable for advanced seekers.

What makes this yoga different from other yogas is that here the seeker is trying to abide in Consciousness moment by moment throughout his daily life, not just during his meditation practice. By continually immersing himself into Consciousness this way, the seeker eventually starts living in nonduality.

According to Kashmir Shaivism, various methods and techniques alone are not sufficient to practice at this level of yoga. Practicing at this level requires the seeker to have high degree of mature consciousness. The sages of Kashmir Shaivism stated that the best way to practice this yoga is to receive grace from the Divine or to receive transmission from the lineage master.

It’s my understanding that, in the level of consciousness (LOC) terminology, practicing at Shambhavopaya level becomes a possibility when the seeker is approaching LOC 750.

If you are doing practices at Anavopaya or ‘the way of the body’ level, RASA will boost the effectiveness of all your existing body-based practices.

If you are doing practices at Shaktopaya level, RASA will boost the effectiveness of all your existing mind based practices. If you are doing Self-inquiry for example, RASA can bring your Self-inquiry practices to whole new level. RASA itself works like a shinning diamond that will cut through illusion of your thoughts.

Finally, RASA itself belongs to Shambhavopaya category. RASA, on its own, is very much capable of increasingly pushing the seeker’s level of consciousness to higher levels. Many of my students keep doing various practices that belong to Anavopaya and Shaktopaya categories while taking RASA from me. In addition, some of my students choose to do nothing except taking RASA. Either approach is totally acceptable. It’s up to the seeker to decide whether or not he will be keeping his practices while taking RASA. For example, when I started taking RASA, I was still doing intensive Self-inquiry meditation every day for 4 or 5 hours. However, as I moved into LOC 800, I stopped meditating altogether as I had intuitively sensed that receiving RASA would be enough for me. Then again, I had been a spiritual seeker and practitioner for many years before I started receiving RASA from Ramaji. When I met him, I was already totally fed up with this whole spiritual seeking thing and was ready be at rest with myself.

I personally recommend my students to keep their spiritual practices while taking RASA.

RASA can be integrated in all three skillful approaches of Self-realization

RASA and Three skillful means of self-realization
RASA and three means of self-realization
Free Recorded RASA Transmission

FREE Recorded RASA Transmission

Below is a sample recorded clip of me giving RASA transmission. I have made this available for free so that you can get a feel of it. Recorded RASA transmission is not nowhere near as powerful as live sessions, but still you may feel the RASA energy coming from the recorded audio. You can use it as a booster for your daily meditation. While you are meditating, keep the video clip running on your computer screen (or on your laptop or tablet screen). It will deepen your meditation practice and will accelerate your non-dual awakening.

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