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Rapid Spiritual Awakening by Shaktipat Transmission

Realized By Grace

RAPID spiritual awakening & higher levels of consciousness through spiritual transmission (shaktipat) of RASA

Welcome to my website! Here you can find out about "RASA", a very potent form of Spiritual Transmission (Shaktipat) and my work as a facilitator of this RASA Shaktipat. RASA Shaktipat works by rapidly expanding the seeker's levels of consciousness with divine energy.

I give this potent RASA Shaktipat to Individuals privately on Skype. If you are ready to finally put an end to your endless spiritual seeking and finally just "be" (your True Self), RASA Shaktipat Transmission can facilitate spiritual awakening and may even take you all the way to LOC 1000 (levels of consciousness calibrated at 1000)

SHAKTIPAT Transmission: The descent of grace and the end of spiritual seeking

At some point of our spiritual seeking career, we all have asked these questions to ourselves:

I am progressing on my path at all? 

When is this seeking going to end? 

When I am going to realize the truth? 

When we begin our spiritual seeking, we usually begin with these two things: theory and practice. 

Theory basically tells what you can expect when you "get" there. On the other hand, we undertake various practices hoping that it will somehow magically transport us to the final destination. 

Some of us are very fortunate enough to meet with a Sadguru or a Realized master on the path. Many people reported having spontaneous awakening experiences when they came in contact with realized masters. Moreover, many of them were able to realize their true nature permanently after following the instruction from these realized masters wholeheartedly.

The rest of us are not so fortunate. We erroneously assume we can realize our true self without any outside help. We place way too much value on our intellect and self-effort. This ensures a tedious cycle of what I call "perpetual seeking".  After all, you are exercising your own mind to get beyond your mind. You can easily get trapped into the illusion of progress this way – you think you are getting wiser, whereas else in reality, you have become a hamster in a hamster wheel.

Basically, there are two approaches to enlightenment: Masculine & Feminine. In masculine approach, you are trying the DIY (Do it yourself) approach to enlightenment -  You are doing yoga, meditation, techniques, ritual and what not. This is a valid approach, except also an arduous one. This is like climbing the Mount Everest – the journey can be exhilarating but time consuming as well. You don’t know whether you will end up reaching the peak of the mountain at all. After all, our ego/mind is afflicted with six tattvas (tattva 6 – 11). These six tattvas are manifested within us as limited knowledge, limited power, limited freedom, conflicting desires while we are bound by time and space. No wonder Self-realization can be a tremendously daunting task if you are doing it alone.

Ramana Maharsi on spiritual awakening through shaktipat

One of two things must be done

Either surrender because you admit your inability and also require a Higher Power to help you; or investigate into the cause of misery, go into the source and merge into the Self.

 Sri Ramana Maharsi

The other approach is to receive grace from the Divine.  This is what I call a feminine approach to enlightenment. In this approach, you have come to realize the inherent limitation of self-effort. You are now opening yourself to the higher power. You may not know exactly what this higher power might be, nonetheless, you are now reaching out to that power. Your mind now has become ideal place to let God work its magic. This magic is what I call Grace or Shaktipat.

Spiritual Transmission of Divine Grace or Shaktipat

The most important factor of Self-realization is the called Spiritual Transmission of Divine Grace. This is also popularly known as Shaktipat.


Shaktipat is a Sanskrit word which basically means the descend of Divine Grace. Spiritual transmission or Shaktipat is the transference of Divine energy to the recipient. 


Receiving grace is akin to taking a helicopter to the peak of mountain. Less exciting but effective nonetheless. When a child cries, his mom will take her baby in her arms. The child knows that he is safe in his mother’s arm. He doesn’t need to know the science behind “skin to skin” contact between a mother and the child. In a similar fashion, by receiving grace or Shaktipat, the seeker is allowing himself to be taken care by the divine. He knows that his individual power is limited, so he decides to unload his entire burden to the higher power. This is the quintessential example of surrendering yourself to the divine. 


Of course, in reality, there is no external divine being who is sitting somewhere in some ethereal realm and bestowing grace onto you. The divine grace bestowing being is none other than your very own Self. At some point, you will realize that you are the peak of the mountain that you were trying to climb all along. 

Eye cannot see him, nor words reveal him;

by the senses, austerity, or works he is not known.

When the mind is cleansed by the grace of wisdom,

he is seen by contemplation--the One without parts.

Mundaka Upanishad 3.1.8 

There are two types of Shaktipat: Direct Shakipat and Shaktipat transmitted through a Shaktipat facilitator.


Direct Shaktipat: This type of Shaktipat usually happens spontaneously, conferred to you directly by the divine.

Direct Shaktipat arises within you in form of wisdom or intuitive insight. Maybe you were contemplating a verse from a scripture or listening to a lecture by a realized being, and suddenly you had an epiphany or “A-ha” experience. Out of nowhere, you were having an awakening experience. You have just intuitively realized something that simply wasn’t available to you before, even though you had an intellectual grasp of the topic. Because of this nature of direct Shaktipat, many people equate it with sudden awakening. 

Shaktipat through a Shaktipat facilitator: You can get Shaktipat from your guru or spiritual teacher or from a realized being. Here, your guru or spiritual teacher or Shaktipat facilitator is consciously acting as a spiritual conduit for transmitting divine spiritual energy to you. 

Where else Direct Shaktipat usually happens spontaneously and you usually don’t have any control over as to when it happens, a Shaktipat facilitator may channel divine energy as and when he deems appropriate.


While both types of Shaktipat can bring forth deep awakening experiences, the impact of any Shaktipat runs much deeper into your being. It can permanently raise your level of consciousness, creating a profound shift in your perception. Both types of Shaktipat can take a “ripe” seeker all the way to full enlightenment.

Shaktipat awakening in the middle of a busy city

My first awakening into Nonduality happened when I was riding a rickshaw and contemplating a verse from (Gita Chapter 15, Verse 14)

A common misconception: I don't consider transference of personal energy to someone else as an authentic spiritual transmission although many people erroneously assume as such.


The traditional view of Shaktipat is that the grace always comes from the Divine and the Guru is just happened to be there to invoke the grace. Getting Shaktipat is not the same as getting initiation by someone. While you can get initiated by a Guru or spiritual master, you can receive Shaktipat from virtually anybody (anyone who has the ability to become a conduit or vehicle of the Divine). Ultimately, Shaktipat is not limited to a particular religion or lineage, although it may occur frequently to people belonging to a particular lineage due to presence of realized masters.

The profoundness of Shaktipat or Spiritual transmission depends on the "ripeness" of the seeker. If the seeker is literally aching for God or if the seeker has developed intense longing for truth, the Shaktipat he receives will be also be equally dramatic and intense in nature. Conversely, if the seeker is just at the beginning phase of his journey, the Shaktipat he receives may appear very subtle to him. Whether Shaktipat feels intense or subtle, it will do its intended job just fine, which is to fire up a seeker’s consciousness in such a way that the veiling of the seeker’s mind starts to get engulfed by his consciousness.

RASA Shaktipat: The Rolls-Royce of Shaktipat Transmission

As I have said before, many people can transmit Shaktipat. I am like one of those people. With my Guru Ramaji's blessings, I have started giving Shaktipat since 2018 (more on this here). 

The Shaktipat I give is called RASA Shaktipat.


My Guru Ramaji calls RASA as Rolls-Royce of Shaktipat Transmission. Knowing him, I know he is not an elitist, even though this sounds like one!


RASA is an extremely potent form of Shaktipat or spiritual transmission. I know firsthand how it has already transformed the lives of hundreds of seekers like me.

RASA works by directly infusing seekers’ consciousness with divine energy and therefore raising the level of consciousness of the seeker very rapidly. RASA works best on the mature seeker (Seeker who is between LOC 560 to LOC 999).

RASA may enhance your existing spiritual practices; may produce those "A-ha" experiences more frequently and most importantly, RASA will raise your LOC in a manner that will be congruent with your spiritual development that is unique to you.

If you are a long time seeker and eager to “finish off” your spiritual seeking, perhaps RASA could finally yield the breakthrough you’re looking for.

I am not going to give you a guarantee that you are going to get Self-realized by receiving RASA. No one can provide that level of surety to you.

All I am saying is that if your level of consciousness (LOC) is between 560 to 999, then RASA can help you to 1) experience spiritual awakening and 2) stabilize in non-duality very quickly after your spiritual awakening.

RASA works because of you, not in spite of you.

Quite frankly, I have yet to see any other indirect Shaktipat (Shaktipat facilitates through an intermediary) that is as powerful and as potent as RASA is. And this is precisely why I want you to take a chance with it.

If you establish in a higher levels of consciousness through RASA transmission, you will see firsthand, through your own experience, the transformative work of RASA on your being.

Moreover, you don't need to take me as your Guru or you don't need to be get initiated by me. RASA will work regardless whether you have student-teacher relationship with me or not. As I said, I am just a conduit for RASA Shaktipat. You don't even need to change your spiritual vehicle or change your religious beliefs. There is one God, and his Grace is available to anyone.

Therefore, if you believe in God's grace or if you have deep earnestness for finding (and eventually abide as) your own true Self, RASA Shaktipat Transmission will work for you just fine.

To more about RASA Shaktipat Transmission, you can access this link here. I have also written some articles, discussing general concepts of shaktipat on my blog. You may find all those articles here.

I resonate very deeply with my guru Ramaji’s sentiment (described in his book “1000”) as a RASA giver, which is: 

RASA Transmission (Homepage)

My Goal is to Make Myself Obsolete. Your RASA Shaktipat Is It

"As I have told numerous people during their RASA session, my goal is to make myself obsolete….. it is in the spirit that the RASA will do its thing, raise you into a nondual LOC and you will stay there. Once you stabilize in nonduality, my work is done…..There is no training, no next level. RASA is it.”

The benefits of receiving Shaktipat Transmission of RASA

As I said before, the ultimate goal of RASA Transmission is facilitate spiritual awakening. Its intended purpose is to take you all the way to LOC 1000.


Apart from awakening to your true nature, there are other benefits that you may enjoy when you start taking RASA:

Feeling centered and present
Breaking free from thoughts
Getting insights from reading spiritual books
Positive attitude towards life

You Feel more centered and present – You may feel more centered and poised even in the midst of a hectic day. As RASA begins to increase your level of consciousness, you may feel more balanced and be more attuned with present moment awareness. Being centered and present with "what is" are natural outcome when you are getting in touch with your very own pure inner Self.

People, who are more in touch with their core or essence, are in general more relaxed and centered. I am not a clairvoyant or a psychic, but when I am determining level of consciousness of someone, people with higher LOC feel "lighter" to me while at Lower LOC, people feels weighty as if they come with lots of “baggage”. 

Breaking free from the tyranny of your thoughts becomes a possibility – Before coming to me for RASA, many of my students often spent years trying to control their own thoughts. Needlessly to say, their effort to curb their own thoughts weren’t as successful as they were hoping to be. However, just after taking couple of RASAs, those students often start having the intuitive insight about the illusory nature of their thoughts. Learning to see through your thoughts is a major step towards awakening. Way too many people accept their thoughts to be a tangible representation of their reality. These people literally live their lives inside of their heads. Probably that’s why many public spiritual teachers developed various systems to tackle this same issue. Byron Katie’s ‘The Work” system, for example, is such tool that I know of.

You start “getting” the spiritual books – If you are a long time seeker, you have probably read dozens of spiritual books and spiritual scriptures. You may have even become a storehouse of spiritual facts, but still you haven’t come closer to spiritual awakening. This is because not many people get the intuitive insight or understanding of spiritual truth from reading books. The intuitive insight has to be arisen within you spontaneously while you are contemplating those books. If you start getting RASA, you may notice that all of a sudden, you are now getting those books. Since RASA works by literally expanding your mind, contemplating spiritual scriptures become much more fruitful.


You develop a positive attitude towards life – As RASA continues to expand your mind, you start developing positive attitude towards your life. This is not your typical “feel good, you can do anything” type of positive attitude that those run-of-the-mill self-help books expounds. Rather, this positive attitude stems from deep within your heart as you get closer and closer to finding your true Self. RASA Transmission may also help you to integrate after having spiritual awakening. This life affirming positive attitude is more or less similar to the wisdom of Serenity prayer:

"God, grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change,

Courage to change the things I can,

And wisdom to know the difference."

Emails sent to me by my students after taking RASA

When I first heard of RASA, I considered it nonsense but was nevertheless driven to give it a chance.  It was some time before I experienced results that made me realize it is real and powerful..... 


You can really be free! You can really end your spiritual seeking and finally be at Rest!!

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By Hirok Das

Narada's Bhakti Sutra (ebook cover)

A book on Bhakti Yoga


Narada Bhakti Sutra is a collection of aphorisms, told by Sage Narada on Bhakti yoga. Bhakti yoga is a spiritual path which uses love and devotion to realize the divine source of the universe.

This book contains the English translation as well as commentaries of Narada’s Bhakti Sutra by Hirok Das

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