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Becoming Whole: The Fusion of Shiva-Shakti

Updated: Mar 20, 2019

Every moment, not just during the time when you mediate or contemplate or during you are blessed out, God manifest right in front of you so that you could recognize the divinity that envelopes your life.

At any given moment, God simultaneously manifests as background and foreground of your experiences.

The background is the Self or primordial consciousness. This is the ground of our being. This is stillness or silence. This ground of being has a very much space like qualities, as it houses all sorts of things and yet remains unperturbed by those things.

The foreground is whatever you are experiencing right now. Your experiences will always have the vibes of polarity. Your experiences are usually polarized by what you think good, bad or neutral.

Still, this foreground (which is an amalgamation of all your experiences) is inseparable from the background from where it arises.

Everything is arising and subside in your consciousness and yet, we can't say for sure from exactly where it is arising and exactly where it is subsiding. Because consciousness is boundless, you can't pinpoint those points.

Now, just before an object arises (a thought or a sensation or an emotion for example) in consciousness, there is a momentary stillness. In this moment of silence, there is no content on your consciousness for few seconds. This content-less consciousness represents Shiva, the God without attributes. It’s the being-ness.

As soon as an object arises, the consciousness is not "alone" anymore. For next few seconds, consciousness will hold that object within it.

This content of consciousness is "Shakti" or energy of silence manifesting within consciousness as the "contents" of the mind.

In ordinary world, we say two things are separate if we can distinguish one from the other based on properties or knowledge. For example, a wooden chair is different from a wooden mug, even though both share the same basic elements, which is wood. We separate them based on our learned discrimination that is embedded in the brain. In our brain, the shape, size, etc. of a chair is different from a mug; hence, the brain decides that these two things are different.

But can you really apply the same thing when it comes to the contents of your consciousness? Yes, there are infinite numbers of things, arise and subside in your awareness, and they can feel different from each other (sound feels different from emotions, thoughts are different from sensation), but really look deep within, can you absolutely separate contents of consciousness from the consciousness itself?

You can't pick it apart from your consciousness. Because they are not separate in the first place. You can't separate space from space, can you? Similarly, you can't separate contents of consciousness from consciousness, even though contents of consciousness do appear different from consciousness itself.

That (Brahman) is infinite, and this (universe) is infinite.  The infinite proceeds from the infinite. - Paingala Upanishad
From infinite, comes the the infinite

So, technically, objects arise and subside, and yet, they are not arising and subsiding. Again, you can't say space arising within space, can you?

This is the same principal God uses to become many, although he is one. He can remain one, and yet, he is consistently creating objects within himself and out of himself without fundamentally modifying or changing any aspect of himself. God doesn't change (because he is the freaking God), and yet he is living embodiment of changes and transformations. This apparent contradiction is difficult to grasp, but it becomes easy when you stabilize in LOC 1000 (by receiving spiritual transmission like RASA or by any other means).

If you really realize this principal, not just at intellectual level, but on the gut level, then you will come to realize this -

Our own moment to moment experience is nothing but God.

At first, you know yourself as Self. This is being. This is state of Shiva.

Then you know that whatever arising in your experience is also "Self." The Self is your experience. This is Shakti.

Being and becoming are two sides of same Self.

Only when you learn to embrace the totally of your experience as it is, you become whole - the fusion of Shiva-Shakti.



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