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Spiritual Transmission And Its Diverse Historical Background

Since ages, people are practicing the tradition of spiritual transmission and helping others to explore the path of enlightenment and self-realization. There are many paths to one truth and spiritual transmission is just one of them. Honestly speaking, spiritual transmission is not just about connecting with oneself or the ultimate divine power, it is also about being at peace and exploring the real happiness. Spiritual transmission often means, in simple words, lightening up your soul under the vigilance of someone whose soul is already lightened with positive thoughts, actions and speech.

Diverse Rituals and Histories of Spiritual Transmission

The history of spiritual transmission dates back to the ancient times when there was no or minimal knowledge of science and technology. Hence, there are an infinite number of stories or transmission rituals, that differ from one country to another. For example, mawinten is practiced in Bali, which involves preparing a person to be receptive enough to learn the holy teachings.

Listed below are the major rituals or examples of how spiritual energy transmission is being practiced since times immemorial -

1. Different Types of Transmission

Depending on the maturity of the disciples, progress of science and technology and relationship between the Guru and the disciple, transmission can be categorized as follows -

A) Symbolical Transmission

The best example of symbolical transmission can be clearly understood by the story of Lord Buddha who used a lotus flower for spiritual transmission. It is said that Lord Buddha helped Maha Kashapa experience transmission, when he was at the Grdhrakuta mountain, twirling a lotus flower in his finger, among thousands of monks. It was only Maha Kashapa, who smiled whole-heartedly and experienced a sudden flash of insight.

B) Heart to Heart Transmission

Ramakrishna & Vivekananda

The finest example for this kind of transmission is Vivekananda, who was the disciple of Ramakrishna. Since Vivekananda always appreciated an intellectual way of thinking, he found it very difficult to understand the tantra teachings imparted by his teacher. However, despite this fact, Vivekananda’s loyalty towards his teacher continued to escalate. One fine day, when Vivekananda became more mature in a spiritual sense, Rama Krishna transmitted spiritual energy to Vivekananda by touching his head.

C) Mind to Mind Transmission

This type of transmission was experienced by an Indian saint Lama Atisha, who received spiritual transmission in Indonesia in Sriwijaya’s era. It is said that Lama Atisha tried experiencing the spiritual energy transmission multiple times, but failed. Hence, he approached the venerable Dharmakirti in Indonesia, serving whom, he experienced spiritual transmission by a mere touch of their pillows.

D) Secret Transmission

Just as the name implies, this type of tradition is not known to much people in the world. However, Jetsun Milarepa of Tibet is one such learned person, who experienced secret transmission by the help of his Master Marpa. Master Marpa showed Milarepa the path of enlightenment and asked him to meditate deeply in the caves in Tibet. Milarepa did exactly what was told to him by the master, and eventually experienced secret transmission. Reports claim that when Marpa got to know about the rare transmission experienced by Milarepa, he instantly visited India to tell the entire story to the Master Naropa. Being mesmerized with the story, Naropa and the number of trees in the Himalayas bowed down in the direction of Tibet.

E) Shaktipat Transmission

Generally, Shaktipat transmission involves conferring spiritual energy upon the recipient by the Guru, so as to awaken the Kundalini. It lies at the bottom of the spine and should be ‘active’ or ‘awakened’, in order to evolve spiritually. This is by far the most known form of Shaktipat transmission. However, there is another kind of Shaktipat where the seeker receive grace directly from the divine power, and the Guru or Shaktipat giver just acts as a mediator. The transmission of RASA Shaktipat works this way.

I have written couple of articles on Shaktipat in general on my blog. For example, there's an article on "What Is Shaktipat?". Another article was written on "How Can Shaktipat Be Transmitted?". You can find more related articles here as well as here.

2. Spiritual Transmission Masters

An interesting fact in the history of spiritual transmission is the presence of spiritual transmission masters, who are referred to as ‘holy human beings’ appeared throughout human history. Almost every religion has a transmission master, who transmits a higher spiritual dimension of reality to other human beings or followers. One of the biggest examples of these masters can be found in Buddhism, where Lord Buddha imparted spiritual transmission to Maha Kashapa. The other important examples include -

A) Lord Krishna

Image Source: www.fizdi.com

Lord Krishna is one of the most followed transmission masters in India . It is said that when Krishna used to play his flute, all the gopis (cowherd women) used to run in the direction of the rhythm of the music, being in an enchanted state. This was his lila or divine play.

Image source: here

He crushed the ego sense of Indra (the king of gods) when he lifted an entire mountain with his left little finger or pinky in order to save people from rains and thunderstorm (that was caused by Indra). In that way, he taught that he is the ultimate refugee and superior to even king of gods. He transmitted dharma this way. He also gave dharma transmission by giving sermon to Arjuna in the war field. The dialogue between him and Arjuna later became what we know as Bhagavad Gita.

B) Lord Jesus in Christianity

Image source

There are several stories related to Lord Jesus, but the story regarding spiritual transmission is not related to any of his miracles or teachings, but to an incident with two fishermen. One day when Jesus asked Peter and Andrew - two fishermen - to come and follow him, they instantly experienced the power of transmission and followed him.

The spiritual energy transmitted to the followers is so blissful and profound that they leave their conventional life, get closer to their inner-self and understand that God is helping them with a greater destiny ahead in their lives.

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