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Spiritual Shaktipat Transmission: How RASA Shaktipat Makes A Difference in Your Spiritual Practice

What is RASA Shaktipat?

In the age of the internet, it's easy to be confused by the influx of spiritual options and claims of enlightenment. One phrase you may have seen recently is Shaktipat.

Shaktipat is an ancient practice with roots in Shaivism, Buddhism and Shaktism. On my main website, I focus on the transmission of RASA Shaktipat. RASA stands for Ramaji Advaita Shaktipat Attunement. Ramaji is a spiritual teacher who specializes in a unique type of direct spiritual transmission and coined the term.

RASA is also the anglicized version of a Sanskrit word RASAH, which means essence. Both definitions are important to the practice of RASA. It is a type of Spiritual Transmission in which the energy of spiritual awakening is passed from the Divine to the student, while a RASA Giver (the one who can transmit the Shaktipat energy of RASA) works as guide to facilitate this process.

What is RASA for?

The goal of RASA is to help the student awaken the divine energy in chakra at the crown of the head and increase their levels of consciousness. The ideal level for a seeker to aim for is 1000; after achieving this level of enlightenment, you will have awakened your Divine Self.

The Levels of Consciousness are a way to think about the path to enlightenment. They move numerically and describe a slow ascension to fully-realized grace. Here’s a brief rundown:

600: No self-realization, no permanent ego-self

700: Realization of Cosmic Self in which seeker feels one with the universe

800: Realization of devotion and a willingness to surrender to a higher power

900: Further progression into devotion and surrender

1000: Realization of Absolute Self, Primordial Consciousness

Achieving enlightenment is a multi-faceted end goal. Many of us feel an emptiness in our lives that we seek to fill, and spiritual enlightenment is one of the ways we can find meaning and purpose to replace that emptiness with.

How does RASA work?

If the student is receptive, the RASA Shaktipat teacher will help guide the student to open their chakras in order for divine energy to flow into them. It has been described by some as being like a drop of water engulfed in a river -- complete surrender to a greater power.

Water drop merging into water, as individual consciousnesses merge with Universal Consciousness

Students may feel tingling sensations, a profound relaxation, or an expansion of their consciousness. Sessions can be performed in-person or even over a video chat like Skype.

Before seeking enlightenment, it’s important that the student is receptive to spiritual energy. Skepticism is good in many areas of our life, but it can be a hindrance to receiving divine energy. You must also ensure the teacher you seek is at LOC 1000 (Levels of Consciousness calibrated at 1000, as described above) and was trained to facilitate this powerful Shaktipat transmission. Ramaji's website has up-to-date information on RASA Shakitpat facilitators worldwide.

The goal is to help the student stabilize their level of consciousness at or above 1000 in order to attain enlightenment. This is an on-going process -- you will never stop learning and growing in Shaktipat!

Why RASA Matters?

So what? What's the point of doing this work to achieve spiritual enlightenment? RASA has some significant benefits to the students, even if they never attain the goal level of consciousness.

Being Centered and aware

First of all, spirituality often has a centering effect. By focusing on your place in the universe, your divine self and your connection to the divine energy, you may find that small things which once would have angered you are barely annoyances any longer. It's easy to stop sweating the small stuff when you are directly tapped into the big stuff!

Another benefit is increased awareness. This could be awareness of your body, awareness of nature, awareness of the present moment, etc. This awareness can help reduce anxiety and stress as well as increase mindfulness.

While no spiritual path is easy, Shaktipat is considered to be one of the fastest ways to reaching full spiritual enlightenment. You must still be ready to receive the transmission, but Shaktipat is basically a shortcut to the divine energy that can help you receive the other benefits on this list.

Clarity is another benefit of RASA spiritual transmission. Whether you find it easier to see through your own illusory and derogatory thoughts or finally make a connection to spiritual texts you didn't 'get' before, RASA helps open your mind to the messages and clear your thoughts of self-deprecation.

Are you ready to awaken your spiritual self? Don’t hesitate to contact me for a RASA session to begin (or rather, should I say finish) your spiritual journey.

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