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The gist of abiding according to Krishna: Selected verses from "Gita as it is"

Updated: Mar 9, 2019

Krishna talked about the process of fixating one’s attention to one’s Self throughout Bhagavat Gita. The following verses basically summarize how one should follow this process, from beginning to end. These verses represent the gist of abiding in Self, which was, by the way, also the ultimate goal of Ramana Maharsi's Self-inquiry practice as well as RASA Shaktipat Transmission. These verses, presented here on this blog page, are taken from the book "Gita as it is" and a web version of the said book is freely available on this website:

Image Attribution: By Virumandi1 [CC BY-SA 4.0 (], from Wikimedia Commons


He who meditates on the Supreme Personality of Godhead, his mind constantly engaged in remembering Me, undeviated from the path, he, O Partha [Arjuna], is sure to reach Me. (1)

Engage your mind always in thinking of Me, offer obeisance and worship Me. Being completely absorbed in Me, surely you will come to Me. (2)

The steadily devoted soul attains unadulterated peace because he offers the result of all activities to Me; whereas a person who is not in union with the Divine, who is greedy for the fruits of his labor, becomes entangled. (3)

Gradually, step by step, with full conviction, one should become situated in trance by means of intelligence, and thus the mind should be fixed on the Self alone and should think of nothing else. (4)

Such a liberated person is not attracted to material sense pleasure or external objects but is always in trance, enjoying the pleasure within. In this way the self-realized person enjoys unlimited happiness, for he concentrates on the Supreme. (5)

For one who sees Me everywhere and sees everything in Me, I am never lost, nor is he ever lost to Me. (6)



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