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What Does Shaktipat Transmission Feel Like? Levels of Awakening Experience Felt By the Seekers

Shaktipat is one of the most popular approaches to awaken the Kundalini. It is capable of inducing permanent awakening experience to the recipient, and yet at the same it is considered to be the easiest way to help the recipient experience what enlightenment or awakening really is. One can use this experience to lead the right path all throughout his/her life.

But, have you ever thought what does Shaktipat feel like in reality? If you are keen about following the spiritual path, you must have definitely heard or read about Shaktipat (transmission of spiritual energy from an enlightened Guru to his disciple). However, most of you might be unaware of the kind of experiences people encounter, once they awaken their Kundalini through the said practice.

So, if you want to practice Shaktipat, and are willing to know what happens next, here is all what you should know -

Levels of Awakening Experience or Feeling

During the Shaktipat process, when your Kundalini begins to awake, your entire bodily system restructures so that it can uphold the states of enlightenment. You might also experience different feelings, such as feelings of infinite love, sweating, change in breathing, headache etc.

This implies that different people tend to experience different levels of awakening, just like there are many ways to receive Shaktipat. They are as follows:

First Level: The person experiences direct connect with the Divine and gains permanent enlightenment by leaving the physical body. This is often referred as Videha mukti.

Second Level: At this level, the person experiences enlightenment without leaving the physical body. This is more commonly known as Jivanmukti, and for many spiritual seekers, this is most desirable state. This is also the goal of Shaktipat Transmission of RASA, although when you finally go to LOC 1000 (Levels of Consciousness calibrated at 1000) and stabilizes there, you should realize that there is neither Videha mukti or Jivanmukti. Why? Because you can't become something which is you already are.. the Primordial Consciousness.

Third Level: In the above two levels, no Guru is needed. But, in the third level, the person needs to find a Guru, who will guide you through the process of illumination.

Fourth Level: In this level of experience, the person desires to find a Guru, receive instructions from him and finally attain liberation at death.

Fifth Level: In this level, the person is known to have stronger spiritual desires and worldly desires (not stronger than spiritual ones) as well. Upon the death of the person, all of his worldly desires get fulfilled in the paradise and he becomes enlightened after a second-time initiation.

Sixth Level: In this level, the worldly desires are stronger than the spiritual desires. Hence, the person practicing Shaktipat at this level experiences liberation after being reborn as a spiritual seeker in another human life.

Seventh Level: This is the last level, wherein one resorts to Shaktipat only in times of pain and suffering. A person at this stage will need several lifetimes to be liberated or enlightened.

Your present spiritual condition defines the level you go into. The better will be your present spiritual condition, the higher will be your level of experience.

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