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What Is Shaktipat? - A Complete Beginners' Guide

Updated: Mar 20, 2019

The concept of Shaktipat may sound very esoteric, however, it is a very old form of spiritual practice that can be found in the Shaivism, Shaktism as well as Buddhism. It refers to the transmission of spiritual energy from one person (a teacher or guru) to another (a student, devotee or follower).

Shaktipat: The Definition

As mentioned above, the concept of Shaktipat involves conferring spiritual energy upon the recipient by the Guru, so as to awaken the Kundalini. It lies at the bottom of the spine and should be ‘active’ or ‘awakened’, in order to evolve spiritually. The process for awakening the Kundalini begins by reciting a secret mantra (given by the Guru) during the sadhana of Shakti and Shiva. In case, the recipient finds difficulty in awakening the Kundalini, the Guru then uses Shaktipat to transmit spiritual energy for spiritual awakening.

Depending on the receptivity or readiness of the receiver, one Shaktipat transmission may be enough to awake the individual, although, it’s also possible that the seeker needs to receive Shaktipat couple of time in order to attain full awakening.

During RASA Transmission, the diving light from above enters through the crown chakra from above and spread across the entire body of the seeker.
RASA Transmission - The Descending of Divine Light

"Artwork by Daniel B. Holeman"

The transmission of RASA Shaktipat works slightly different way. The RASA Givers (The one who facilitates RASA) focuses less on kundalini awakening and more on opening the crown chakra above head. During RASA Transmission, the diving light from above enters through the crown chakra from above and spread across the entire body of the seeker. Compared to traditional kundalini awakening, it’s very safe and reliable way of Shaktipat energy transmission. I believe the divine energy of RASA Shaktipat originate from Mother Goddess.

You can have a look at the following YouTube video to know about RASA Shaktipat:

Levels of Intensity in Shaktipat

Everything you practice has certain levels to it. Similarly, Shaktipat too is known for its varied intensity levels, which are classified as under :

  • Super Supreme Grace (tīvra tīvra śaktipāta): A person practicing Shaktipat at this level is known to become a Siddha master and attains immediate liberation.

  • Supreme Medium Grace (tīvra madhya śaktipāta): At this level, the person directly relies on Lord Shiva and gets liberated on his own. He or she need not to depend or wait for any instruction from the Guru.

  • Supreme Inferior Grace (tīvra manda śaktipāta): The person encounters strong desires to find a Guru, whose simple touch, mere physical presence or just a look can help him explore the state of illumination.

  • Medium Supreme Grace (madhya tīvra śaktipāta ): Under this level of intensity, the person desires to gain instructions from the Guru. However, all through his life, he is not completely absorbed in this state, and enters in a permanent fusion state with Shiva, once his life comes to an end.

  • Medium Middle Grace (madhya madhya śaktipāta): A person practicing Shaktipat at this level of intensity receives initiation from the Guru and encounters deep desires to attain liberation. However, his desires for pleasure and enjoyment does not end. When his life ends, he gets a chance to fulfill all his desires and after receiving initiation from his master the second time, he realizes never-ending union with Shiva.

  • Medium Inferior Grace (madhya manda śaktipāta): This is quite similar to madhya-madhya-śaktipāta (Medium Middle Grace), except for the fact that the person at this level, considers worldly pleasures more desirable than forming a union with Shiva.

  • Inferior Grace (manda): At this level of intensity, the person aspires to unite with Shiva only in times of suffering and distress.

Important Aspects of Shaktipat

Walking on the path of spirituality is not an easy task. However, through Shaktipat and a better understanding of the concept, one can easily walk the path of spirituality and fulfill his/her longing for enlightenment.

But, if you have just begun or planning to walk along this path, you must be aware of certain important aspects, discussed below -

  • The recipient must be receptive and ready to receive the spiritual energy.

  • The Guru transmitting the energy should be a ‘Shaktipat Siddha’, i.e. he must be enlightened through Mother Divine’s grace.

  • The Guru meditates on the recipient’s unity with the Self, and a sense of recognition between the recipient’s pure self and enlightened guru takes place.

  • Being a beginner, you might be an easy target for fake people, who regard themselves as Guru. Always remember that one who offers Shaktipat to you should be enlightened himself.

Benefits of receiving Shaktipat Transmission

If you want to accelerate spiritual growth, meditate in the deepest states, attain liberation and explore the most powerful energies in the universe, Shaktipat transmission can help you attain the same. This is beneficial for the following reasons:

  1. It shows proven effective results on the people who receives it.

  2. It dissolves negative energies and helps you feel the positive energy around you.

  3. It helps you become aware of your divine and beautiful inner self.

  4. It helps you experience the feelings of ecstatic joy, limitless love, and a very deep pleasure of inner peace.

  5. It is the easiest path to attain liberation and evolve spiritually.

  6. Apart from being easy, it is the fastest way to gain the highest level of consciousness.

So, if you are new to the world of spirituality, and want to follow the path of Shaktipat, keep this informative guide in mind.

Note: I have written a follow-up post of this article on my blog. You can access the new article here.



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